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The Prussian Army at Auerstadt: 14 October 1806

The Prussian Army at Auerstadt: 14 October 1806: the Advance Guard

By Stephen Millar

4battalions, 25 squadrons and 8 guns in 1 battery
Oswald, GM Friedrich-Gottlieb von

Saxe-Weimar Fuss-Jager Battalion

2nd [Warsaw] Fusilier Brigade
Oswald, GM Friedrich-Gottlieb von

Fusilier Battalion Nr. 4
Greiffenberg, GM Karl-August von

Fusilier Battalion Nr. 8
Kloch, OB von

Fusilier Battalion Nr. 16
Oswald, GM Friedrich-Gottlieb von

Cavalry Brigade
Blucher, GM Gerhard-Leberecht von

Hussar Regiment Blucher Nr. 8: 10 squadrons

Hussar Regiment Prinz von Wurttemberg Nr. 4: 10 squadrons

Dragoon Regiment Irwing Nr. 3: 5 squadrons

6-pdr Horse Battery Schorlemmer Nr. 17: 8 guns


The Prussian-Saxon Army at Auerstadt: 14 October 1806IntroductionThe Main BodyThe Reserve CorpsSources


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