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The Prussian Army at Auerstadt: 14 October 1806

The Prussian Army at Auerstadt: 14 October 1806: the Main Body

By Stephen Millar

Line Division
10 battalions, 10 squadrons and 24 guns in 3 batteries
Oranien, GL Wilhelm-Friedrich [Furst von Oranien-Fulda] Prinz von
Scholer, HPT von (Chief-of-Staff)

Infantry Brigade
Lutzow, OB Johann-Adolf von

Infantry Regiment Mollendorf Nr. 25: 2 battalions

Infantry Regiment Wartensleben Nr. 59: 2 battalions

Grenadier Battalion Knebel Nrs. 19/25

12-pdr Foot Battery Lehmann Nr. 23: 8 guns

Infantry Brigade
Prussen, OB Heinrich-Friedrich-Karl, Prinz von

Infantry Regiment Prinz Ferdinand Nr. 34: 2 battalions

Infantry Regiment Puttkammer Nr. 36: 2 battalions

Grenadier Battalion Rheinbaben Nrs. 23/26

12-pdr Foot Battery Riemer Nr. 2: 8 guns

Cavalry Brigade
Prussen, OBL Wilhelm, Prinz von

Cuirassier Regiment Leib-Kurassiers Nr. 3: 5 squadrons

Cuirassier Regiment Leib-Karabinier Nr. 11: 5 squadrons

6-pdr Horse Battery Willmann Nr. 18: 8 guns

Line Division
10 battalions, 10 squadrons and 32 guns in 4 batteries
Wartensleben, GL Leopold-Alexander, Graf von
Kyckputsch, HPT von (Chief-of-Staff)

Infantry Brigade
Renouard, GM Johann-Jeremias von

Infantry Regiment Prinz Louis-Ferdinand Nr. 20: 2 battalions

Infantry Regiment Herzog von Braunschweig Nr. 21: 2 battalions

Grenadier Battalion Alt-Braun Nrs. 3/21

12-pdr Foot Battery Heuser Nr. 22: 8 guns

12-pdr Foot Battery Lange Nr. 46: 8 guns

Infantry Brigade
Wedell, OB Karl-Alexander von

Infantry Regiment Renouard Nr. 3: 2 battalions

Infantry Regiment Kleist Nr. 5: 2 battalions

Grenadier Battalion Hanstein Nrs. 5/20

12-pdr Foot Battery Wilkins Nr. 1: 8 guns

Cavalry Brigade
Quitzow, GM Christian-Heinrich von

Cuirassier Regiment Quitzow Nr. 6: 5 squadrons

Cuirassier Regiment Reitzenstein Nr. 7: 5 squadrons

6-pdr Horse Battery Merkatz Nr.19: 8 guns

Line Division
10 battalions, 20 squadrons and 24 guns in 3 batteries
Schmettau, GL Friedrich-Wilhelm-Karl, Graf von
Leibhaber, HPT von (Chief-of-Staff)

Infantry Brigade
Alvensleben, GM Ludolf-August-Friedrich von

Infantry Regiment Malschitzky Nr. 28: 2 battalions

Infantry Regiment Schimonsky Nr. 40: 2 battalions

Grenadier Battalion Krafft Nrs. 48/59

12-pdr Foot Battery Stankar Nr. 12: 8 guns

Infantry Brigade
Schimonsky, GM Dietrich-Leberecht von

Infantry Regiment Alvensleben Nr. 33: 2 battalions

Infantry Regiment Prinz Heinrich Nr. 35: 2 battalions

Grenadier Battalion Schack Nrs. 37/57

12-pdr Foot Battery Rohl Nr. 24: 8 guns

Cavalry Brigade
Bunting, GM Karl-Wilhelm von

Cuirassier Regiment Heising Nr. 8: 5 squadrons

Cuirassier Regiment Bunting Nr. 12: 5 squadrons

Cavalry Brigade
Irwing, GM Friedrich-Wilhelm von

Dragoon Regiment Konigin Nr. 5: 10 squadrons

6-pdr Horse Battery Graumann Nr. 2: 8 guns



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