Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Arm�e

Combat of Nasielsk

Combat at Nasielsk

The 24th, the reserve of cavalry and the corps of marshal Davoust moved on Nasielsk.� The Emperor gave the command of the advanced guard to General Rapp.� Arriving one mile from Nasielsk, they met before them the enemy guard.

General Lemarrois left with two dragons regiments, to turn a large wood and to surround this advanced guard.� This movement was carried out with promptitude.� But the enemy advanced guard, seeing the French Army not making any movement to advance, suspected some such maneuver and did not tarry.� However it was made some charges, in one of which major Ourvarow was taken, aide-de-camp of the emperor of Russia.� Immediately after, a detachment arrived in the small town of Nasielsk.� The cannonade became sharp.� The position of the enemy was good:� it was protected by marshes and wood.� The marshal Kaminski commanded in person.� He believed he could hold this position through the night, while waiting for the other columns came to join him:� a vain calculation; he was driven out, and carried down by his beating several miles.� Some Russian Generals were wounded, several colonels made captive, and several piecess of cannon taken.� Colonel Beker, of the 8th. regiment of dragons, a brave officer, was mortally wounded.�





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