Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Arm�e

Passage of the Wrka

At the same time, General Nansouty, with Klein's division and a brigade of light cavalry collapsed the cossacks and the enemy cavalry in front of Kursomb that had passed the Wkra on this point, and crossed this river there.� The seventh army corps, which marshal Augereau commanded, carried out his passage of Wkra at Kursomb, and collapsed the 15,000 men who defended it.� The passage of the bridge was brilliant.� The14th. line carried out it in tightened columns, while 16th. light infantry with a sharp fusillade established on right bank.� Hardly had the 14th.� emerged from the bridge, that there ensued a cavalry charge, that was supported with ordinary intrepidity at the French infantry;� but an unhappy lancer penetrated to the head of the regiment, and stabbed a lance blow to the colonel, who fell stiffly dead.� He was a brave soldier;� he was worthy to command such brave corps.� The murderous fire that his regiment carried out, and which put the cavalry enemy in the greatest disorder, was the first of the honors returned to his memory.�

The 25th, the third corps which was commanded by marshal Davoust went into Tykoczyn, where the enemy had withdrawn.� The fifth corps, commanded by marshal Lannes, moved on Pultusk, with the division of Beker's dragons.�

The Emperor went with most of the cavalry of the reserve in Ciechanow.




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