Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Arm�e

Combat of Pultusk

Combat at Pultusk

The marshal Lannes could only arrive opposite Pultusk the 26th in the morning.� All the corps of Benigsen had met there in the night.� The Russian divisions that had been beaten in Nasielsk, followed by the third division of the corps of the marshal Davoust, entered the camp of Pultusk two hours after midnight.� At ten o�clock the marshal Lannes attacked, having the division Suchet in first line, division Gazan in second line, Gudin division of the third army corps commanded by General Daultanne, on his left.� The combat became fierce.� After different events, the enemy collapsed.� The 17th. regiment of light infantry and the 34th. were covered in glory.� The Generals Vedel and Clapar�de were wounded.� The General Treillard, commanding the light cavalry of the army corps;� the General Boussard, commanding a brigade of the division of Bekler�s(sic) dragons;� colonel Barthelmy, of the 15th. regiment of dragons were wounded by grapeshot.� The aide-de-camp, Voisin, of marshal Lannes;� and the aide-de-camp Curial, of General Suchet, were killed one and both covered in glory, the marshal Lannes was grazed by a ball.� The 5th army corps showed in this circumstance what can be done by brave men, and immense superiority of the French infantry over that of other nations.� The marshal Lannes, though a patient for ten days, had wanted to follow his army corps.� The 85th. regiment withstood several charges from the enemy cavalry with coolness and success.� The enemy, in the night, beat a retreat and gained Ostrotenka(sic).

Two Maps of Pultusk:

Map of Pultusk
Map of Pultusk

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