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Seniority of British Commanders in Spain and Portugal in 1809

By Ron McGuigan

Images provided by: Tony Broughton

Sir Arthur Wellesley

Sir Arthur Wellesley

Sir Rowland Hill

Sir Rowland Hill

Sir William Beresford

Sir William Beresford

Sir Robert Craufurd

Sir Robert Craufurd

Commander of the Force: LG Sir Arthur Wellesley

Second-in-Command: MG John Sherbrooke [LG in Spain and Portugal]

Major Generals:

William Payne [LG in Spain and Portugal]

Stapleton Cotton

Rowland Hill

William Beresford [LG in Spain and Portugal]

John Mackenzie

Christopher Tilson [later Tilson-Chowne or Chowne]

Stafford Lightburne*

Brigadier Generals on the Staff:

Colonel Alexander Campbell

Colonel Henry Campbell

Colonel Richard Stewart

Colonel Charles Stewart [Adjutant-General]

Colonel Ernst Langwerth

Colonel Sigismund Low

Colonel Alan Cameron

Colonel Henry Fane

Colonel George Anson

Colonel James Caitlin Craufurd*

Colonel Robert Craufurd*

Colonel Edward Howorth [Artillery]

Colonels on the Staff:

Colonel Warren Peacocke [Commandant of Lisbon]

Colonel James Kemmis

Colonel Rufane Donkin

Colonel George Murray [Quartermaster-General]

*Brigade not with the Field Army at Talavera


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'List of All Officers of the Army and Royal Marines on Full and Half-Pay' Published by C. Roworth, Bell-yard, Temple-Bar, London, various dates. (The Official British Army Lists of the period.)


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