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The French Army at Talavera de la Reyna: 27 - 28 July 1809

I Corps

By Stephen Millar


33 battalions, 8 squadrons and 36 guns
Commander: Perrin [dit Victor], Marshal Claude-Victor (Duke of Belluno)

1st Infantry Division
Ruffin, GdD Francois-Amable

La Bruyere, GdB Andre-Adrien-Joseph, Baron de

9th Light Regiment: 3 battalions
Meunier, Colonel Claude-Marie

24th Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Jamin, Colonel Baptiste

Barrois, GdB Pierre, Baron

96th Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Cales, Colonel Jean-Chrisostome

2nd Infantry Division
Lapisse, GdD Pierre-Bellon

Solignac, GdB

8th Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Autie, Colonel Jean-Francois-Etienne

54th Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Philippon, Colonel Armand

Laplanne, GdB

16th Light Regiment: 3 battalions
Dellard, Colonel Jean-Pierre

45th Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Barrie, Colonel Jean-Leonard

3rd Infantry Division
Vilatte, GdD Eugene

Cassagne, GdB Louis-Victorin, Baron

27th Light Regiment: 3 battalions
Lacoste, Colonel Clement-Jean-Etienne

63rd Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Mouton-Duvernet, Colonel Regis-Barthelemy, Baron

Puthod, GdB Jacques-Pierre-Louis-Marie-Joseph*

94th Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Combelle, Colonel Jean-Antoine-Francois

95th Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Pechaux, Colonel Marc-Nicholas-Louis

Cavalry Brigade
Carriere, GdB Louis-Chretien (Baron de Beaumont)**

2nd Hussar Regiment: 4 squadrons
Vinot, Colonel Gilbert-Julian

[3rd Hussar Regiment (Dutch): 4 squadrons]

I Corps Artillery

36 guns



*This officer should not to be confused with GdB Marie-Michel Pacthod.

**This officer should not to be confused with GdD Marc-Antoine Bonin de La Boniniere, Comte de Beaumont.


Placed on the Napoleon Series: October 2004