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Albuera 1811 – The Electronic Archives: Images of French Units

Edited by Guy Dempsey

This section is a collection of images that relate to the battle. Usually they are paintings or etchings made shortly after the battle.

Clickk on the image for a larger view of the image.

Dragoon of 17th Regiment with Captured English Colours" from the print series Troupes Françaises published by Aaron Martinet (Paris 1811).  The composition of this particular print was undoubtedly inspired by the events of Albuera, but it does not depict a particular captured colour. (Collection of Guy Dempsey).

Lancer of the Vistula Legion, print by Horace Vernet from E. Lami and H. Vernet, Collection des Uniformes des Armées Françaises de 1789 à 1814 (Paris 1822).  (Anne Brown Military Collection)

Lancer of the Vistula Legion 1811, print by Victor Huen from Le Passepoil.  (Author's Collection)  


Placed on the Napoleon Series: May 2008


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