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Albuera 1811 – The Electronic Archives

Edited by Guy Dempsey

The battle of Albuera was fought at the village of La Albuera in Estremadura, Spain on May 16, 1811 between a French army that was led by Marshal Jean-de-Dieu Soult and an allied army that was commanded by Portuguese Marshal William Beresford and that consisted of British, Portuguese and Spanish troops.  The battle lasted for nearly six hours and involved numerous changes of fortune, but in the end the allies prevailed over the French despite grievous numbers of killed, wounded and captured.  The French losses were even worse, both absolutely and relative to the smaller size of their force.

In the course of writing Albuera 1811 – The Bloodiest Battle of the Peninsular War (Frontline Books, Barnsley, UK, 2008), I had the good fortune to discover many unique primary documentary and iconographic sources that helped me tell the story of that battle in unprecedented detail.  The economic constraints of the publishing business being what they are, however, it was impossible for me to present all my source material in full in the book.  The Napoleon Series has been kind enough to give me a way to make these unpublished sources available online to other scholars and researchers interested in Albuera.   This new section of the Napoleon Series is also being used to hold the material about Albuera that has already been posted (principally by Donald E. Graves, who has written the best short account of the battle in his biography of Major Thomas Pearson and, separately, the foreword for my book) and can accept postings of any other documents or images that give first-hand information about Albuera. 






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