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Albuera 1811 – The Electronic Archives: Names of the British and Portuguese Officers Killed, Wounded, and Missing

Edited by Guy Dempsey

Source: Royal Military Chronicle, June 1811 pp. 279-281

Names of the officers killed, wounded, and missing, in the action on the 16th of May, 1811.


Major General D. Houghton.
3d Dragoon Guards -- Lieutenant Fox.
1st Battalion, 3d Foot, or Buffs -- Captain Burke, Lieutenant Herbert, Ensigns Chadwick and Thomas.
2d Battalion, 7th Foot -- Captain Erck, Lieutenant Archer.
1st Battalion, 23d Foot -- Captain Montague, Second- Lieutenant Hall.
29th Foot -- Captain Humphrey, Lieutenant Duguid, Ensigns King, Furnace and Vance.
2d Battalion, 34th Foot -- Captain Gibbons, Lieutenant Castle, Ensign Sarsfield.
2d Battalion, 39th Foot -- Lieutenant Beard
2d Light Battalion, King's German Legion -- Lieutenant Whitney.


Staff -- Surgeon Bollman.
23d Regiment – P. B.  Bandeira, J. Joze Montro.


Major General the Honourable G. L. Cole, slightly.
Major General the Honourable William Stewart, slightly.
Captain Egerton (2d Battalion, 34th Foot), Deputy-Assistant Adjutant-General, slightly Captain Waller (103d Foot), Deputy Assistant Quarter-Master-General, severely.
Captain Roverea (Sicilian regiment), aide-de-camp to Major General Cole, severely.
Captain Wade (42d Foot), aide-de-camp to Major General Cole, severely.
Captain Baring (1st Light Battalion, King's German Legion), aide-de-camp to General Alten, slightly.
Royal artillery, Captain Hawker, slightly.
Royal German Artillery -- Lieutenant Thiele, severely.
4th Dragoons, Captain Holmes, Lieutenant Wildman and Adjutant Chantry, slightly.
3d Foot, or Buffs -- Captains Marley, Gordon, and Stevens, severely; Captain Cameron, severely and taken prisoner; Lieutenants Juxon, Shepherd, Hooper, Latham and Wright, slightly; Lieutenants Wood and Houghton, severely; Lieutenant Titlow, slightly; Lieutenant O’Donnell, severely; and Ensign Walsh, severely.
1st Battalion, 7th Foot -- Lieut.-Colonel Sir William .Myers, Baronet, since dead; Captains Cholwich, Singer and Crowder, slightly; Lieutenant Prevost, severely; Lieutenants Moultry and Wemyss, slightly; Lieutenant S. B. Johnstone, since dead; Lieutenant Mullins, severely; Lieutenants R. Johnstone, Gibbons and Moses, slightly.
2d Battalion, 7th Foot -- Brevet Lieutenant-colonel Blakeney, severely; Captain Magenis, left arm amputated; Captain Orr, severely; Captain Tarleton, slightly; Lieutenant Irwin, severely; Lieutenant Healy, Lieutenant Wray, severely; Lieutenant Orr, Lieutenant Seaton, severely; Lieutenant Penrice, Lieutenants Lorentz, Holden, Fraser, and Acting-Adjutant Meagher, slightly.
1st Battalion, 23d Foot -- Lieutenant-colonel Ellis, slightly; Captains Hurford and M'Donald; Captain Stainforth, First Lieutenant Harrison, slightly; First Lieutenant Booker, severely; First Lieutenants Treeve and Thorp, slightly; Second Lieutenant Castles, ditto; Second Lieutenants Harris and Ledwith, slightly; Adjutant M'Lellan.
2d Battalion, 28th Foot -- Captain Gale, severely; Captain Carrol, Lieutenants Cranmer and Cottingham, slightly; Lieutenant Shelton; Ensign Ingram, slightly.
29th Foot – Lieutenant Colonel White, severely; Major Way, Captains Hodges, Tod and Nester, slightly; Lieutenants Stannus, Popham and Briggs, severely: Lieutenant Brook, slightly; Ensigns Kearney and Hamilton, severely; Ensign Lovelock, slightly; Adjutant Wild, severely.
2d Battalion, 31st Foot -- Captain Fleming, severely; Captain Knox, slightly; Lieutenants Butler, Gethin and Cashell, severely; Ensigns Wilson and Nicholson, ditto.
2d Battalion, 34th Foot -- Captains Widdrington and Wyatt; Lieutenants Hay and Walsh.
2d Battalion, 39th Foot -- Captain Brine; Lieutenants Hart and Pollard, Ensign Cox, severely.
1st Battalion, 48th Foot -- Captains Wilson and French, slightly; Captain Bell, Captain Morrisset, slightly; Captain Parsons, severely; Lieutenant Crawley, slightly; Lieutenant Herring, Lieutenants Wright, O'Donahue, Duke, M'lntosh, and Vincent, slightly, Ensign Collin, slightly; Adjutant Steele, slightly.
2d Battalion, 48th Foot -- Captain Watkins, severely; Captain Waugh, slightly; Captain Drought; Captain Wood, slightly; Lieutenants Johnstone and Vander Meulen, severely; Lieutenants Shea and Sharp; Ensigns Norman and M'Dougall.
1st Battalion, 57th Foot --  Lieutenant Colonel Inglis, Major Spring, slightly; Captains Shadforth, M”Gibbon, Jermyn, Stainforth, Hely, Kirby; Lieutenant Evatt, Lieutenant Baxter, slightly; Lieutenant M”Lachlan, severely; Lieutenant M”Farlane, Lieutenant Dix, slightly; Lieutenant Patterson; severely; Lieutenant Hughes, slightly; Lieut. Sheridan; Lieutenants Veitch, and Myers, slightly; Lieutenant M'Dougal, Ensign Torrens, Ensign Jackson, slightly.
5th Battalion, 60th Foot -- Lieutenant Ingersleben, slightly.
2nd Battalion, 66th Foot -- Captain Ferns, Lieut. Hickson, slightly; Lieutenants Harvey and L'Estrange; Lieuts. Chambers and M'Carthy, slightly; Lieut. Codd, Lieut. Hand, severely; Lieut. Crompton, Ensign Walker, Ensign Hay, severely; Ensign Mack, slightly.
1st Light Battalion, King's German Legion -- Major Hartwig, Captain Rudorf, Lieutenant Hartwig, slightly; Ensign Smalhausen, Adjutant Fahle, slightly.
2d Light Battalion, King's German Legion -- Captain Heise.


Colonel Collins.
3d Regiment -- Adjutant Jose de Mello.
5th Regiment – Captain Jose de Mattos; Capt. James Johnston; Lieut. Jose Miranda; Ensign J. Sarmento Vasconcellas.
4th Regiment -- Pimontel Broquel, slightly.
11th Regiment -- Lieuts. J. Paos de Carvalhos and E. de Napoles.
23rd Regiment -- Capt. A. Pinheiro Daragao.
1st Battalion, L. L. Legion -- Lieut.-Col. Hawkshaw; Major Joao Paes; Capt. Felipe Jacob; Capt. J. Paolo Rosado; Lieuts. Antonio Carlos and Andrew Camacho.


Royal German Artillery -- Lieutenant Blumenbach.
4th Dragoons -- Captains Spedding, and Phillips.
3d Foot, or Buffs -- Lieuts. Annesley and Hill.
2d Battalion, 48th Foot -- Major Brooke; Captains Campbell and Allman; Lieuts, Ellwood, Marshal, Sach, Brotheridge and Wood; Ensign Gilbert.

Major-general and Adjutant-general.


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