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1812. Russian Campaign on the Left Wing of the Grande Armée

By Thierry Legrand








Guivon St Cyr


Gouvion St. Cyr



Table of Contents

Chapter I - On the Road to the River Dwina

Chapter II - In Front of Drissa

Chapter III - Oudinot’s Offensive

Chapter IV - An Undecided Marshal: August 2nd-16th

Chapter V - The First Battle of Polotsk – August 17th to 18th

Chapter VI - The Strategic Stalemate: from the End of August to mid-October 1812

Annex: Military Operations on Riga

Chapter VII - The Second Battle of Polotsk - October 18th to 20th 1812

Chapter VIII - The Retreat from October 21st to 29th

Chapter IX - Intervention of the IX Corps, from October 30th to November 26th

Annex 1: Orders of Battles, end of July – early August

Annex 2: Order of Battle on August 10th, 1812 (Day Before the Cash of Swolna)

Annex 3: Order of Battle on August 17th in the morning

Annex 4: Troops involved in the Battle of August 17th &Losses

Franco-Bavarians under Marshal Oudinot

Annex 5: Troops involved in the Battle of August 18th & Losses

Annex 6: Forces on August 31st & on September 15th, 1812

Annex 7: Forces & Organisation on October 16th, 1812

Annex 8: Orders of Battles for the 2nd Battle of Polotsk – October 18th, 1812

Annex 9: Forces present on October 29th, 1812

Annex 10: Clash of Czarnicki – October 31st, 1812

Annex 11: Battle of Smoliany – November 14th, 1812


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