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French Order-of-Battle at Leipzig: 16-18 October 1813
The Northern Sector

By Stephen Millar


[III, IV, and VI Corps, III Cavalry Corps and 27th Infantry Division]

113 battalions, 44 squadrons and 27 batteries

Ney, MdE Michel, Prince de La Moskowa

I. Advancing to Mockau

III Corps*

Souham, GdD Joseph, Comte

41 battalions, 11 squadrons and 9 batteries

Artillery: Charbonnel, GdD Joseph-Claude-Marie, Baron

8th Infantry Division
Brayer, GdD Michel-Sylvestre, Baron

Infantry Brigade
Bony, GdB Francois, Chevalier

22nd Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Veran, Colonel Andre-Jean

59th Line Regiment: 2 battalions
Laurain, Colonel Frederic-Alexandre

69th Line Regiment: 2 battalions
Guinard, Colonel Benoit-Antoine

Infantry Brigade
Charriere, GdB Jean-Louis

6th Light Regiment: 2 battalions
Zaepffel, Colonel Francois-Louis

16th Light Regiment: 2 battalions
Cornebise, Colonel Louis-Jean-Baptiste

28th Light Regiment: 2 battalions
Genin, Colonel Jean

40th Line Regiment: 2 battalions
Jacquemet, Colonel Michel

Trip, CdB

8th Foot Artillery Regiment: 2 batteries

9th Infantry Division
Maurailhac d'Elmas de La Costa [dit Delmas], GdD Antoine-Guillaume

Infantry Brigade
Anthing, GdB Charles-Henry-Guillaume, Baron

2nd Provisional Regiment: 2 battalions
Laporte, MAJ Francois

29th Light Regiment: 2 battalions
Magaud, Colonel Joseph

136th Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Aubreme, Colonel Alexandre-Charles-Joseph-Ghislain, Comte d'

Infantry Brigade
Mataly de Maran, GdB Pierre

138th Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Albignac, Colonel Jean-Philippe-Aimar, Baron d'

145th Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Dolisie, Colonel Henry

Charvet, CdB

2/9 Foot Artillery Regiment

11/9 Foot Artillery Regiment

11th Infantry Division
Ricard, GdD Etienne-Pierre-Sylvestre, Baron

Infantry Brigade
Vandeden, GdB

9th Light Regiment: 2 battalions
Dauture, Colonel Guilhem

17th Provisional Regiment: 2 battalions

50th Line Regiment: 2 battalions
La Caussade, Colonel Joseph-Honore-Celestin-Francois

65th Line Regiment: 1 battalion
Monteyremar, Colonel Joseph-Gaspard

Infantry Brigade
Dumoulin, GdB

142nd Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Camescasse, Colonel Arnaud [killed 18.10.1813]

144th Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Boudin de Roville, Colonel Francois-Louis

Larue, CdB de

2 Foot Artillery Batteries

23rd Cavalry Brigade
Beurmann, GdB Frederic-Auguste, Baron

10th Hussar Regiment: 6 squadrons
Curely, Colonel Jean Nicolas

1st [Baden] Dragoon Regiment von Freystadt: 5 squadrons
Hilpert, OBLT

Reserve Artillery

2 Foot Artillery Batteries

1 Horse Artillery Battery

II. Eutritsch

IV Corps**

Bertrand, GdD Henri-Gatien, Comte
24 battalions, 4 squadrons and 5 batteries

Chief-of-Staff: Delort, GdB Marie-Joseph-Raymond, Baron

Artillery: Taviel, GdD Louis-Albert-Valentin, Baron de

12th Infantry Division
Morand, GdD Charles-Antoine-Louis-Alexis, Comte

Infantry Brigade
Belair, GdB Antoine-Alexandre-Julienne, Chevalier de

8th Light Regiment: 4 battalions
Ricard, Colonel Jean

Infantry Brigade
Toussaint, GdB Jean-Francois, Baron

13th Line Regiment: 4 battalions
Lucas, Colonel Jean-Guillaume

Infantry Brigade
Hulot, GdB Etienne, Baron

23rd Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Vernier, Colonel Jean-Honore

137th Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Gaillard, Colonel Louis-Charles

Foulguier, CdB

1/2nd Foot Artillery Regiment: 8 guns

3/2nd Foot Artillery Regiment: 8 guns

15th [Italian] Infantry Division
Fontanelli, GdD Achille, Conte

Infantry Brigade
Saint-Andrea, GdB Pietro

1st [Italian] Light Regiment: 2 battalions
Moretti, Colonel Silvio

6th [Italian] Line Regiment: 1 battalion
Ferru, Colonel

Infantry Brigade
Martel, GdB Philippe-Andre

1st [Italian] Line Regiment: 1 battalion
Ferrirolli, MAJ

4th [Italian] Line Regiment: 1 battalion
Bozzolini, Col.

Infantry Brigade
Moroni, GdB Pietro-Angelo, Baron

7th [Italian] Line Regiment: 1 battalion
Rossi, Colonel

Milan Foot Guards: 1 battalion
Varesi, CB

1 Foot Artillery Battery

38th [Wurttemberg-Westphalian] Division
Franquemont, GL Friedrich, Graf von

Infantry Brigade
Stockmayer, GM Ludwig-Friedrich von

[Wurttemberg] Line Infantry: 3 battalions

Jett, GM von

[Wurttemburg] Horse Jager Regiment Herzog Ludwig Nr. 1: 1 squadron

[Wurttemburg] Chevauxleger Regiment Prinz Adam: 1 squadron

[Wurttemburg] Horse Artillery Battery

Wolff, GM von

[Westphalian] Chevauxleger: 1 squadron

[Hesse-Darmstadt] Chevauxleger: 1 squadron

Reserve Artillery

1 Foot Artillery Battery

III: Lindenthal

[VI Corps and III Cavalry Corps]

42 battalions, 29 squadrons and 11 batteries

VI Corps

42 battalions, 8 squadrons and 10 batteries (76 guns)

Viesse de Marmont, MdE Auguste-Frederic-Louis, Duc de Raguse

Artillery: Foucher de Careil, GdD Louis-Francois, Baron

20th Infantry Division
Compans, GdD Jean-Dominique, Comte

Infantry Brigade
Pelleport, GdB Pierre, Baron

32nd Light Regiment: 2 battalions
Gheneser, Colonel Jean-Antoine

1st Marine Regiment: 5 battalions

Infantry Brigade
Joubert, GdB Joseph-Antoine-Rene, Baron

20th Provisional Line Regiment: 2 battalions

25th Provisional Line Regiment: 2 battalions

3rd Marine Regiment: 3 battalions


2 - 6pdr Foot Artillery Batteries: 16 guns

21st Infantry Division
Lagrange, GdD Joseph, Comte

Infantry Brigade
Jamin, GdB Jean-Baptiste, Baron

37th Light Regiment: 4 battalions
Jacquet, Colonel Louis-Marion

4th Marine Regiment: 3 battalions

Regiment Joseph-Napoleon: 1 battalion

Infantry Brigade
Buquet, GdB Louis-Leopold, Baron

2nd Marine Regiment: 6 battalions


2 - 6pdr Foot Artillery Batteries: 16 guns

22nd Infantry Division
Friedrichs, GdD Jean-Parfait, Baron

Infantry Brigade
Coehorn, GdB Louis-Jacques, Baron de

11th Provisional Line Regiment: 2 battalions

13th Provisional Line Regiment: 2 battalions

15th Line Regiment: 2 battalions
Levavasseur, Colonel Charles-Amable

23rd Light Regiment: 2 battalions
Peyris, Colonel Vincent

Infantry Brigade
Sousier, GdB Jacques-Robert, Baron de Choisy

16th Provisional Line Regiment: 2 battalions

70th Line Regiment: 2 battalions
Dumareix, Colonel Jean-Francois

121st Line Regiment: 2 battalions
Renouvier, Colonel Joseph-Clement


2 - 6pdr Foot Artillery Batteries: 16 guns

25th [Wurttemberg] Cavalry Brigade
Normann, GM von

2nd [Wurttemberg] Chevauxleger Regiment: 4 squadrons

4th [Wurttemberg] Chevauxleger Regiment: 4 squadrons

Reserve Artillery

2 - 6pdr Foot Artillery Batteries: 16 guns

2 - 4pdr Horse Artillery Batteries: 12 guns

III Cavalry Corps [minus GdB Quinette de Cernay's brigade]

21 squadrons and 1 battery

Arrighi de Casanova, GdD Jean-Toussaint, Duc de Padoue

Artillery: Chauveau, Colonel

5th Light Cavalry Division
Lorge, GdD Jean-Thomas-Guillaume, Baron

12th Cavalry Brigade
Jacquinot, GdB Charles-Claude, Baron [GdD 26.10.1813]

5th Chasseur Regiment: 2 squadrons
Baillot, Colonel Joseph

10th Chasseur Regiment: 2 squadrons
Houssin de Saint-Laurent, Colonel Auguste

13th Chasseur Regiment: 2 squadrons
Shee, Colonel Eugene-Redmond

13th Cavalry Brigade
Merlin, GdB Antointe-Francois-Eugene

15th Chasseur Regiment: 1 squadron
Faverot de Kerbrech, Colonel Francois-Jacques-Guy

21st Chasseur Regiment: 1 squadron
Duchastel, Colonel Louis-Claude

22nd Chasseur Regiment: 2 squadrons
Michel [dit Defosses], Colonel Francois


� Horse Artillery Battery

6th Light Cavalry Division
Fournier[-Sarlovese], GdD Francois-Louis, Baron

9th Cavalry Brigade
Mourier, GdB Pierre, Baron

1st Hussar Regiment: 1 squadron
Clary, Colonel Francois-Joseph-Marie

29th Chasseur Regiment: 1 squadron
Dornier, Colonel Francois-Gabriel

31st Chasseur Regiment: 1 squadron
Chevalier, Colonel

10th Cavalry Brigade
Amiel, GdB Auguste-Jean-Joseph-Gilbert, Baron

2nd Hussar Regiment: 1 squadron
Seganville, Colonel Alexandre-Louis de

4th Hussar Regiment: 1 squadron
Christophe, Colonel Jean-Francois

12th Hussar Regiment: 1 squadron
Colbert, Colonel Louis-Pierre-Alphonse


� Horse Artillery Battery

4th Heavy Cavalry Division***
Defrance, GdD Jean-Marie-Antoine, Comte

Cavalry Brigade
Avice, GdB Jacques-Philippe, Baron

4th Dragoon Regiment: 1 squadron
Bouquerot de Essarts, Colonel Jean-Baptiste

5th Dragoon Regiment: 1 squadron
Morin, Colonel Jean-Baptiste-Louis

12th Dragoon Regiment: 1 squadron
Bessard-Grauniard, Colonel Alexis

14th Dragoon Regiment: 1 squadron
Seguier, Colonel Alphonse-Alexandre

24th Dragoon Regiment: 1 squadron
Dubessy, Colonel Jean-Baptiste

IV: Advancing to Klein-Weideritzsch

27th Infantry Division [detached from VIII Corps]

6 battalions and 2 batteries

27th Infantry Division
Dabrowski [dit Dombrowski], GdD Jan Henryk

Infantry Brigade
Zoltowski, GdB Edward

2nd [Polish] Regiment: 2 battalions
Szymanowski, MAJ Jozef

14th [Polish] Regiment: 2 battalions
Grotowski, Colonel Felix

Infantry Brigade
Grabowski, GdB Stefan

12th [Polish] Regiment: 2 battalions
Wierzbinski, Colonel Maciej

Weissflog, CB

10th [Polish] Foot Artillery Battery
Szwerin, CdE Jan Chryzostom

[Polish] Horse Artillery Battery



*There is considerable disagreement amongst sources about the exact composition of III Corps - some sources show provisional regiments in GdD Breyer's division, while others do not. The names of the brigade commanders in GdD Ricard's division are also uncertain (no biographical information is available for either GdB Vandeden or GdB Dumoulin). References stating GdB Jean-Baptiste, Baron Esteve commanded a brigade in III Corps have also been found.

**GdD Bertrand's IV Corps was sent to Lindenau to defend the French line of retreat over the Elster River.

***One of GdD Defrance's brigades was left at Lindenau.




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