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Russian Cossacks in Holland: 1813

By Bas de Groot

The following are contemporary prints of Cossacks during the Russian occupation of Holland during 1813 and 1814. They are from the following source:

1813 Platen - verzameld door Mr. N. Beets (onder-directeur van 's Rijks Prentenkabinet te Amsterdam), met inleiding van Prof. Dr. H. Brugmans, Hoogleraar te Amsterdam "Premie-uitgave van het Nieuws van den Dag" Amsterdam; J. Funke; 1913.

Which in English is:

1813 Plates, collected by mr N. Beets (vice-director of the national printscabinet in Amsterdam), with a preface by prof Brugmans, teacher at the University of Amsterdam Bounty-edition of "The News of the Day" newspaper

The Plates

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Cossacks in Holland: 1813
Cossack Colonel Leon Narischkin
Cossacks in Holland: 1813

1. "The City of Deventer run over by the cossacks, and the captain of engineers wounded, on the 12th of November 1813." Artist: A. Vinkeles, based on a drawing by J.W. Pieneman

2. A miniature of Leon Alexandrowitch Narischkin, Colonel of Cossacks, from a family archive in St Petersburg. Narischkin was in charge of the advance-guard of Wintzingenrode's Corps in November 1813. Together with the Princes Gagarin and Chernicheff, he was the principal Russian leader of Cossacks that Dutch authorities had to work with.

3. "A Don Cossack" after an in 1813 etching by Freschi.

Cossacks in Holland: 1813 Cossacks in Holland: 1813

4. "The burning of houses and cottages across the River IJssel at Deventer by the French: and the attack of the Cossacks on the 26th of November 1813." Dedicated to the Right Honorable Sir A.J.R. van Suchtelen tot de Haar:Member of the Right Honorable States General,by the devoted servant to their Right Honorables N. Sonnenberg after a print by J.E.Marcus

5. "Bivouac of the Cossacks outside the Muider-gate, Amsterdam, November 1813" after a watercolor of Fr. J. Pfeiffer Jr.. in the National Prints cabinet, Amsterdam. 

Cossacks in Holland: 1813 Cossacks in Holland: 1813

6. "Bivouac of the Cossacks at Haarlem" after prints by P. Barbiers.

7. "Cossack outpost before Naarden" After a pendrawing by P.G. van Os, in the State Prints Cabinet, Amsterdam.

Cossacks in Holland: 1813 Cossacks in Holland: 1813

8. "Cossack outpost before Naarden" after a pendrawing by P.G. van Os, in the State Prints Cabinet, Amsterdam.

9. "Out with the Regie! (French customs) ---*--- American Wares". Anonymous cartoon on the expulsion of the French customs officials and on the free import of American tobacco.


10. "The lowering of the Fishbridge at Kampen and the entry of the cossacks, on 30 November 1813." This print was made by A. Vinkeles after a drawing by J.W. Pieneman

11. "Alexander Ivanowitch Czernitschef" after a miniature of him dated 1822. It was made by a Mr. Lieder, and resides in the collection of Prince Nicolas Mikhailowitch.

12. "Alexander Zemlenutin, Cossack in the Soulin 9th Regiment" (Courtesy of Geert van Uythoven of Napoleon and Revolution)



Placed on the Napoleon Series: August 2003