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French Order-of-Battle at Waterloo: 18 June 1815
The Infantry

By Stephen Millar

I Corps: 33 battalions/11 squadrons/46 guns

Drouet, General de Division Jean-Baptiste, Comte d'Erlon
Delcambre, General de Brigade Victor-Joseph, Baron (Chief-of-Staff)
Desales, General de Brigade Jean-Charles (Artillery)
Gerbe, General de Brigade (Engineers)

1st Infantry Division: 8 battalions/8 guns

a) Allix de Vaux, General de Division Jacques-Alexandre-Francois, Baron (not present on 18 June)
b) Quiot du Passage, General de Brigade Joachim-Jerome, Baron

1st Infantry Brigade

a) Quiot du Passage, General de Brigade Joachim-Jerome, Baron (acting 1 Division commander)
b) Charlet, Colonel Claude (acting brigade commander)

54th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Charlet, Colonel Claude

55th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Monneret, Colonel Jean-Pierre

2nd Infantry Brigade

Bourgeois, General de Brigade Charles-Francois, Baron

28th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Saint-Michel, Colonel Marc-Antoine-Alexandre de

105th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Genty, Colonel Jean

20/6 Foot Artillery Company

���������� ����������� Hamelin, Captaine (8 guns)

2nd Infantry Division: 9 battalions/8 guns

Donzelot, General de Division Francois-Xavier, Baron

1st Infantry Brigade

Schmitz, General de Brigade Nicolas, Baron

13th Light Regiment (3 battalions)

Gougeon, Colonel Pierre

17th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Gueurel, Colonel Nicolas-Noel

2nd Infantry Brigade

Aulard, General de Brigade Pierre, Baron

19th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Trupel, Colonel Jean-Aimable

51st Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Rignon, Colonel Jean-Antoine

10/6 Foot Artillery Company

Cantin, Captaine (8 guns)

3rd Infantry Division: 8 battalions/8 guns

Binet de Marcognet, General de Division Pierre-Louis, Baron

1st Infantry Brigade

Nogues, General de Brigade Antoine

21st Line Regiment (2 battalions)

a) Carre, Colonel Jean-Nicolas-Louis (wounded on 15 June)
b) Ledoux, Colonel Nicholas-Placide

46th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Dupre, Colonel Louis-Andre

2nd Infantry Brigade

Grenier, General de Brigade Jean-George, Baron

25th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Gromety, Colonel Jean-Joseph

45th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Chapuzet, Colonel Louis-Guillaume-Joseph

19/6 Foot Artillery Company

Emon, Captaine (8 guns)

4th Infantry Division: 8 battalions/8 guns

Durutte, General de Division Joseph-Francois, Comte

1st Infantry Brigade

Pegot, General de Brigade Jean-Gaudens-Claude, Chevalier

8th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Ruelle, Colonel Louis-Gabriel

29th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Rousselot, Colonel Etienne-Nicolas

2nd Infantry Brigade

Brue, General de Brigade Jean-Louis

85th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Pignet, Colonel Pierre

95th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Garnier, Colonel Jean-Baptiste

9/6 Foot Artillery Company

Bourgeois I, Captaine (8 guns)

1st Cavalry Division: 11 squadrons/6 guns

Jacquinot, General de Division Charles-Claude, Baron

1st Cavalry Brigade

Bruno, General de Brigade Adrien-Francois, Baron de

7th Hussar Regiment (3 squadrons)

Marbot, Colonel Jean-Baptiste-Antoine-Marcellin

3rd Chasseur-à-Cheval Regiment (3 squadrons)

Woestine, Colonel Anatole-Charles-Alexis de la

2nd Cavalry Brigade

Gobrecht, General de Brigade Martin-Alexis, Baron

3rd Chevau-Legers-Lanciers Regiment (3 squadrons)

Martique, Colonel Charles-Francois

4th Chevau-Legers-Lanciers Regiment (2 squadrons)

Bro, Colonel Louis

2/1 Horse Artillery Company

Bourgeois II, Captaine (6 guns)

Reserve Artillery: 8 guns

�������11/6 Foot Artillery Company

Charlet, Captaine (12-pdr/8guns)

II Corps: 33 battalions/15 squadrons/38 guns

Reille, General de Division Honore-Charles-Michel-Joseph, Comte
Lacroix, General de Brigade Mathieu, Baron (Chief-of-Staff)
Pelletier, General de Brigade Jean-Baptiste, Baron (Artillery)
Richemont, General de Brigade de (Engineers)

5th Infantry Division: 9 battalions/8 guns

Bachelu, General de Division Gilbert-Desiree-Joseph, Baron

1st Infantry Brigade

Husson, General de Brigade Pierre-Antoine, Baron

3rd Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Vautrin, Colonel Hubert

61st Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Bouge, Colonel Charles

2nd Infantry Brigade

Campi, General de Brigade Toussaint, Baron

72nd Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Thibault, Colonel Frederic-Armand

108th Line Regiment (3 battalions)

Higonet, Colonel Philippe

18/6 Foot Artillery Company

Deshaulles, Captaine (8 guns)

6th Infantry Division: 13 battalions/8 guns

Bonaparte, General de Division Prince Jerome
Guilleminot, General de Division Armand-Charles, Comte (second-in-command)

1st Infantry Brigade

Bauduin, General de Brigade Pierre-Francois, Baron

1st Light Regiment (3 battalions)

Despans-Cubieres, Colonel Amedee-Louis

2nd Light Regiment (4 battalions)

Maigrot, Colonel Pierre-Francois

2nd Infantry Brigade

Soye, General de Brigade Jean-Louis, Baron

1st Line Regiment (3 battalions)

Jacquemet, Colonel Michel

2nd Line Regiment (3 battalions)

Tripe, Colonel Jean

2/2 Foot Artillery Company

Meunier, Captaine (8 guns)

9th Infantry Division: 11 Battalions/8 guns

Foy, General de Division Maximilien, Comte

1st Infantry Brigade

Gauthier, General de Brigade Jean-Joseph

92nd Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Tissot, Colonel Jean-Marie

93rd Line Regiment (3 battalions)

Garnier, Colonel Jean-Baptiste

2nd Infantry Brigade

Jamin, General de Brigade Jean-Baptiste, Baron

4th Light Regiment (3 battalions)

Peyrus, Colonel Vincent

100th Line Regiment (3 battalions)

Braun, Colonel Joseph

1/6 Foot Artillery Company

Tacon, Captaine (8 guns)

2 Cavalry Division: 15 squadrons/6 guns

Pir�, General de Division Hippolyte-Marie-Guillaume de Rosnyvinen, Comte de

1st Cavalry Brigade

Hubert, General de Brigade Pierre-Francois-Antoine Baron

1st Chasseur-à-Cheval Regiment (4 squadrons)

Simonneau, Colonel Pierre-Joseph-Victor

6th Chasseur-à-Cheval Regiment (4 squadrons)

Faudoas-Barbazan, Colonel Paul-Eugene de

2nd Cavalry Brigade

Wathiez, General de Brigade Francois-Isidore

5th Chevau-Legers-Lanciers Regiment (3 squadrons)

Jacqueminot, Colonel Jean-Francois, Vicomte de Ham

6th Chevau-Legers-Lanciers Regiment (4 squadrons)

Galbois, Colonel Nicolas-Marie-Mathurin, Baron de

2/4 Horse Artillery Company

Gronnier, Captaine (6 guns)

Reserve Artillery: 8 guns

7/2 Foot Artillery Company

Gayat, Captaine (12-pdr/8guns)

3rd Cavalry Division: 9 squadrons/6 guns

Domon, General de Division Jean-Simon, Baron

1st Cavalry Brigade

Dommanget, General de Brigade Jean-Baptiste, Baron

4th Chasseur-à-Cheval Regiment (3 squadrons)

Desmichels, Colonel Louis-Alexis

9th Chasseur-à-Cheval Regiment (3 squadrons)

Avranges Dukermont, Colonel Eugene-Francois d'

2nd Cavalry Brigade

Vinot, General de Brigade Gilbert-Julien, Baron

12th Chasseur-à-Cheval Regiment (3 squadrons)

Grouchy, Colonel Alphonse de

4/2 Horse Artillery Company

Durnont, Captaine (6 guns)

VI Corps: 13 battalions/24 guns

Mouton, General de Division Georges, Comte de Lobau
Durroei, General de Brigade Antoine-Simon, Baron (Chief-of-Staff)
Le Noury de la Guignardiere, General de Division Henri-Marie, Baron (Artillery)
Sabatier, General de Brigade (Engineers)

19th Infantry Division: 9 battalions/8 guns

Simmier, General de Division Francois-Martin-Valentin, Baron

1st Infantry Brigade

Julienne de Belair, General de Brigade Antoine-Alexandre

5th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Roussille, Colonel Jean-Isaac

11th Line Regiment (3 battalions)

Aubree, Colonel Alexandre-Charles-Joseph

2nd Infantry Brigade

Thevenet, General de Brigade Louis-Marie-Joseph, Chevalier

27th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Gaudin, Colonel Pierre-Etienne-Simon

84th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Chevalier, Colonel Pierre-Andre-Remy

1/8 Foot Artillery Company

Parisot, Captaine (8 guns)

20th Infantry Division: 4 battalions/8 guns

Jeanin, General de Division Jean-Baptiste, Baron

1st Infantry Brigade

Bony, General de Brigade Jean-Pierre-Francois, Chevalier

5th Light Regiment (1 battalion)

Curnier de Pilvert, Colonel Francois-Theodore

10th Line Regiment (2 battalions)

Roussel, Colonel Jean-Pierre-Francois-Dieudonne

2nd Infantry Brigade

Tromelin, General de Brigade Jacques-Jean-Marie-Francois Boudin, Comte de

107th Line Regiment (1 battalion)

Drout, Colonel Jean

2/8 Foot Artillery Company

Paquet, Captaine (8 guns)

Reserve Artillery: 8 guns

4/8 Foot Artillery Company

Chaudon, Captaine (12-pdr/8 guns)

Detachment from Imperial Guard to IV Corps

Artillery: 6 guns
Auxiliary Horse Artillery Company
(6 guns)

Detachment from I Cavalry Corps*

5 Cavalry Division: 11 squadrons/6 guns

Subervie, General de Division Jacques-Gervais, Baron

1st Cavalry Brigade

Colbert, General de Brigade Louis-Pierre-Alphonse, Comte de

1st Chevau-Legers-Lanciers Regiment (4 squadrons)

Dubessy, Colonel Jean-Baptiste

2nd Chevau-Legers-Lanciers Regiment (4 squadrons)

Sourd, Colonel Jean-Baptiste-Joseph

2nd Cavalry Brigade

Merlin, General de Brigade Antoine-Francois-Eugene, Chevalier

11th Chasseur-à-Cheval Regiment (3 squadrons)s

Nicolas, Colonel Jean-Baptiste

3/1 Horse Artillery Company

Duchemin, Captaine (6 guns)


*One auxiliary horse artillery battery was attached to VI Corps. The auxiliary batteries were manned by troops from 2 Battalion/1 Regiment/La Corps des Canonniers de la Marine.


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