Raise the Colours High!

By Steve Brown

An occasional series which will look at the composition of British expeditionary forces (and some of their opponents) in the period 1793-1815, with an emphasis on the lesser-known overseas campaigns. The small size of most of the actions involved would seem to make many of these ideal for wargamers, and it is hoped that the graphical orders of battle might be a welcome tool for gamers.

Forthcoming actions will include:

Leeward Islands 1794-1795
Helder 1799
Egypt 1801
Maida 1806
South Africa 1806
Buenos Aires 1807
Copenhagen 1807
Egypt 1807
Java 1811
East Coast of Spain 1812/1813
Bergen-op-Zoom 1814



Placed on the Napoleon Series: February - March 2015

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