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The Prussian Army at Auerstadt: 14 October 1806: the Reserve Corps

By Stephen Millar

18 battalions, 15 squadrons and 40 guns in 5 batteries
Kalkreuth, GdK Friedrich-Adolf, Graf von
Lossau, MAJ Johann-Friedrich-Konstantin von (Chief-of-Staff)

Reserve Division
Kuhnheim, GL Johann-Ernst, Graf von
Perbandt, LT von (Chief-of-Staff)

Garde Brigade
Hirschfeld, GM Karl-Ferdinand von

Infantry Regiment Garde Nr. 15: 2 battalions

Garde Grenadier Battalion

Leibgarde Battalion

12-pdr battery Faber Nr. 4: 8 guns

Infantry Brigade
Pletz, OB August-Wilhelm von

Infantry Regiment Konig Nr. 18: 2 battalions

Grenadier Battalion Prinz August Nrs. 1/13

Grenadier Battalion Rabiel Nrs. 18/27

�7-pdr Howitzer Battery Alkier Nr. 1: 8 guns

Cavalry Brigade
Beeren, OB Karl-Friedrich-Hermann von

Cuirassier Regiment Beeren Nr. 2: 5 squadrons

Cuirassier Regiment Gens d'Armes Nr. 10: 5 squadrons

Cuirassier Regiment Garde du Corps Nr. 13: 5 squadrons

6-pdr Horse Battery Scholten Nr. 1: 8 guns

Reserve Division
Arnim, GL Alexander-Wilhelm von
Tiedemann, HPT von (Chief-of-Staff)

Infantry Brigade
Zenge, GM August-Wilhelm-Hermann von

Infantry Regiment Arnim Nr. 13: 2 battalions

Infantry Regiment Pirch Nr. 22: 2 battalions

Grenadier Battalion Gaudi Nrs. 24/35

Grenadier Battalion Osten Nrs. 22/36

12-pdr battery Heiden Nr. 33: 8 guns

Infantry Brigade
Malschitzky, GM Johann von

Infantry Regiment Zenge Nr. 24: 2 battalions

Grenadier Battalion Hulsen Nrs. 12/34

Grenadier Battalion Schlieffen Nrs. 2/11

12-pdr battery Bychelberg Nr. 26: 8 guns



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