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Russian-Prussian Order-of-Battle at Eylau: 8 February 1807

The Right Wing

By Stephen Millar

Commander: Tuchov I, GL Nikolai Alexeievich

5th Division
Tuchov I, GL Nikolai Alexeievich

Infantry Brigade
Leontiev, GM Ivan Sergeievich

Perm Musketeer Regiment
Medosytov, Lt-Col.

Mogilev Musketeer Regiment
Kozlovski II, Col.

Jager Brigade
Ogarev, Col.

Jager Regiment Nr. 20
Bistrom, Col.

Jager Regiment Nr. 24
Markov, Lt-Col.

Cavalry Brigade
Borozdin II, GM Nikolai Mikhailovich

Grodno Hussar Regiment

Cavalry Brigade [note 1]
Shepelev, GM Dmitri Dmitrievich

Finland Dragoon Regiment

Mitav Dragoon Regiment

Attached to Right Wing:

Infantry Brigade [note 2]
Markov I, GM Evgeni Ivanovich

Pskov Musketeer Regiment
Markov I, GM

Azov Musketeer Regiment
Stackelberg, Col.

Jager Brigade
Gogol II, Col. Fedor Grigorievich

Jager Regiment Nr. 5
Pantenius, Lt-Col.

Right Wing Reserve Artillery

2 - 12pdr Foot Artillery batteries

1 6pdr Foot Artillery battery

2 - 6pdr Horse Artillery batteries


1. Shepelev's brigade (along with two other cavalry brigades) has also been listed as part of GL Galitzin's Reserve Cavalry. The St.George and Emperor's Cuirassier Regiments appear in Galitzin's command.

2. Detached from GL Dohkturov's 7 Division.



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