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French Order-of-Battle at Waterloo: 18 June 1815

By Stephen Millar

The composition of l�Armee du Nord during the Waterloo Campaign can be readily-found on the Internet. However, many online Orders of Battle for Napoleon's army on 18 June can be misleading.

If the information of a particular site is too broad, important details (changes in unit commanders due to absence or wounds and/or combat deaths, for example) are omitted. The 1st Infantry Division of Drouet's I Corps is an example of this -- General de Brigade Joachim-Jerome, Baron Quiot du Passage was only the acting commander of the division. In addition, the ranks and/or surnames of several French officers are sometimes confused or misspelled (General de Brigade Francois-Isidore Wathiez should not be confused with General de Division Pierre Watier, Comte de Saint-Alphonse).

The composition of the French artillery has been the subject of much debate. The total number of guns has commonly been given as 246, but a final total of 254 appears to be more correct.
I hope this Order of Battle will provide a useful Internet starting-point for others in their Napoleonic Wars research.

L�Armee du Nord: 101 battalions/115 squadrons/254 guns

Napoleon I, Emperor of France (Commander-in-Chief)
Soult, Marshal Nicolas-Jean-de-Dieu, Duc de Dalmatie (Chief-of-Staff)
Ney, Marshal Michel, Prince de la Moskowa (Commander of the Left Wing)
Ruty, General de Division Charles-Etienne-Francois, Comte (Artillery)
Rogniat, General de Division Joseph, Baron (Engineers)



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