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The Chevau-Léger Belge d'Arenberg in Hamburg (1807 - 1808): the Uniform Plates of the Suhr Brothers

These illustrations were published in the 1820s in a book called "Abbildung der Uniformen aller in Hamburg seit den Jahren 1806 bis 1815 einquartirt gewesener Truppen". They were drawn and painted by Christoph and Cornelius Suhr. Only four copies are known to be in existsence. These are from the copy owned by the Commerzbibliothek Hamburg.

In 1808, the regiment was renamed the 27eme Chasseurs-a-Cheval. For more information on the Chevau-Légèr Belge d'Arenberg see Tony Broughton's: French Chasseur-a-Cheval Regiments and the Colonels Who Led Them 1791-1815: 21e - 31e Regiments

These drawings originally appeared on line in German by our partner, Napoleon Online and are used with permission of theCommerzbibliothek Hamburg. Please note that Markus Stein holds the copyright on all of these images.


Click on the image to see a larger picture.

Chasseurs Chevau-L�ger Belge d'Arenberg : 1807-1808 Trumpeter Chevau-L�ger Belge d'Arenberg : 1807-1808
Carabinier (Elite Company) Chevau-L�ger Belge d'Arenberg : 1807-1808
Officer Chevau-L�ger Belge d'Arenberg : 1807-1808
Carabinier (Elite Company)

Placed on the Napoleon Series: December 2007