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Infantry Regiment Nr. 61 (Hungarian)

Infantry Regiment Nr. 62 (Hungarian)

Infantry Regiment Nr. 63 (Walloon)

Infantry Regiment Nr. 64 (German)


Austrian Infantry Regiments and Their Commanders 1792-1815: Line Infantry Regiments Nrs. 61 - 64

By Stephen Millar

Note: Each regiment is listed with its final unit designation of the Napoleonic Wars.

Infantry Regiment Nr. 61 (Hungarian)

Formed 1798

Regimental designations and colonels-in-chief:

1798-1802: vacant
1802-1815: Infantry Regiment �Graf Saint-Julien� Nr. 61 (Saint-Julien, Generalmajor Josef, Graf)


1799-1800: Leuwen, Oberst Ernst, Freiherr
1800-1807: Sebottendorf, Oberst Freiherr von
1807-1809: Nugent von Westmeath, Oberst Laval, Graf
1809-1813: Longueville, Oberst von
1813-1815: Eberl, Oberst Raimund, Freiherr von
1815-1815: Chimani von Mannberg, Oberst Anton, Freiherr

Subordinate officers (1799):

Hermann, Oberstleutnant Samuel
Trummer, Major Franz
Szuha de Verbo, Major Ignaz

Line Infantry Regiment Nr. 62 (Hungarian)

Formed 1798

Regimental designations and colonels-in-chief

1798-1802: vacant
1802-1810: Infantry Regiment �Franz, Freiherr Jellacic� Nr. 62 (Jellacic de Buzim, Feldmarschalleutnant Franz, Freiherr) [1]
1810-1815: Infantry Regiment �Freiherr von Wacquant� Nr. 62 (Wacquant-Geozelles, Generalmajor Theodor, Freiherr von)


1799: Ghendegg, Oberst Johann
1804-1809: Schmidt, Oberst Josef, Freiherr von
1809-1812: Papp, Oberst
1812-1813: Stutterheim, Oberst Franz, Freiherr von
1813-1815: Urmenyi, Oberst von
1815-1815: Rheinisch, Oberst von

Subordinate officers (1799):

Hillinger, Oberstleutnant Johann
Mazzina, Major Josef
Nefzmery, Major Johann

[1] Feldmarschalleutnant Franz, Freiherr Jellacic de Buzim (1746-1810) was a Croatian officer serving in the Austrian army.

Line Infantry Regiment Nr. 63 (Walloon) [1]

Formed 1799

Regimental designations and colonels-in-chief:

1799-1807: Infantry Regiment �Erzherzog Josef� Nr. 63 (Josef-Franz, Erzherzog von Osterreich) [2]
1807-1811: Infantry Regiment �Graf Baillet� Nr. 63 (Baillet de Latour, Feldmarschalleutnant Ludwig, Graf) [3]
1811-1855: Infantry Regiment �Freiherr Bianchi� Nr. 63 (Bianchi, Feldmarschalleutnant Federico, Freiherr; duca di Casalanza) [4]

Deputy colonels-in-chief:

1801-1807: Baillet de Latour, Feldmarschalleutnant Ludwig, Graf


1805-1809: Czerwinka, Oberst
1809-1815: Strauch, Oberst von
1815-1815: Ceschy von Saint-Croix, Oberst Freiherr

[1] Although this unit was referred to as a Walloon regiment until 1816, many of its later recruits actually came from Galicia.
[2] Archduke Josef-Franz (1799-1807) was a son of Franz I.
[3] Feldmarschalleutnant Ludwig, Graf Baillet de Latour was the younger brother of Feldzugmeister Maximilian, Graf Baillet de Latour (1737-1806).
[4] Federico, Freiherr Bianchi (1768-1855) was given the title �duca di Casalanza� by King Fernando I of the Two Sicilies for his victory at the Battle of Tolentino in1815.

Infantry Regiment Nr. 64 [�Tyroler-Feld-Jaeger-Regiment�] (German)

Formed 1801

Regimental designations and colonels-in-chief:

1801-1802: vacant
1802-1808: Tyroler-Feld-Jaeger-Regiment (Chasteler de Courcelles, Feldmarschalleutnant Jean-Gabriel, Marquis de)
1808: disbanded


1801-1808: Fenner von Fenneberg, Oberst Franz, Freiherr [1]

[1] Oberst Franz, Freiherr Fenner von Fenneberg was later promoted to Feldmarschalleutnant and awarded the Military Order of Maria-Theresia.


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