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Austrian Infantry Regiments and Their Commanders 1792-1815: Feld-Jaeger Battalions

By Stephen Millar

The only regimental-sized light infantry unit in the Austrian army was Tyroler-Feld-Jaeger-Regiment (formed in 1801). The regiment, initially composed of three battalions of six companies, was increased to four battalions for the 1805 Campaign. Never deployed as a complete unit, the Tyroler-Feld-Jaeger-Regiment was replaced in 1808 by nine Feld-Jaeger battalions. In 1813, three additional battalions were raised.

In peacetime, the new Feld-Jaeger battalions were maintained as �divisions� but were increased to battalion size during wartime. These battalions were not referred to by their commander's surname, but by their number.

Formed 1801 [disbanded 1808]

Tyroler-Feld-Jaeger-Regiment [Line Infantry Regiment Nr. 64]

Colonel-in-Chief: Chasteler de Courcelles, FML Jean-Gabriel, Marquis de [from 1802]
Colonel: Fenner von Fenneberg, Oberst Franz, Freiherr [from 1801] [1]

Formed 1808

Feld-Jaeger Battalion Nr. 1 [Bohemia]

1808-1813: Lutz, Oberstleutnant
1813-1814: Plisnier, Major von
1814-1815: Penz, Major von

Feld-Jaeger Battalion Nr. 2 [Bohemia]

1808-1813: Schneider von Arno, Major Freiherr
1813-1815: Reicht, Major Freiherr

Feld-Jaeger Battalion Nr. 3 [Bohemia]

1808-1815: Cavalcado, Major Freiherr

Feld-Jaeger Battalion Nr. 4 [Bohemia]

1808-1812: Piombazzi, Oberstleutnant Graf
1812-1815: Becke, Oberstleutnant von

Feld-Jaeger Battalion Nr. 5 [Moravia]

1808-1812: Suden, Major Georg, Freiherr von
1812-1812: Hartopp, Major Hartopp
1812-1815: Sickingen-Hohenburg, Major Graf

Feld-Jaeger Battalion Nr. 6 [Moravia]

1808-1813: Zaborsky de Zabora, Oberstleutnant
1813-1815: Mareschall, Major Freiherr von

Feld-Jaeger Battalion Nr. 7 [German]

1808-1809: Steffanini di Monte Airone, Oberst Josef
1809-1810: Steinmetz, Major Freiherr von
1810-1812: Steffanini di Monte Airone, Oberst Josef
1812-1814: Veyder von Malberg, Oberst Karl, Freiherr
1814-1815: Weikersreutter, Major
1815-1815: Saintenoy, Major Desire von

Feld-Jaeger Battalion Nr. 8 [German]

1808-1813: Mumb, Oberstleutnant
1813-1815: Flette von Flettenfeld, Major

Feld-Jaeger Battalion Nr. 9 [German]

1808-1814: Goldlin von Tieffenau, Oberstleutnant Karl, Freiherr
1814-1815: Gobiery, Hauptmann de (acting)
1815-1815: Werdt von Teuffen, Major Freiherr

Formed 1813

Feld-Jaeger Battalion Nr. 10 [German]

1813-1815: Casassa di Valmonte, Major Chevalier

Feld-Jaeger Battalion Nr. 11 [German]

1813-1815: Ensch, Major Franz, Freiherr von

Feld-Jaeger Battalion Nr. 12 [Galicia/Moravia]

1813-1815: Beelen de Bertholff, Major Freiherr

[1] Oberst Franz, Freiherr Fenner von Fenneberg (1762-1824) was later promoted to the rank of Feldmarschalleutnant.



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