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The Bavarian Army 1800 - 1815: the Uniform Plates of Johann Cantler


We are pleased to publish those illustrations of Judge Johann Cantler, which cover the period of 1800 to 1815. The original work, Bayerische Armee 1800 -1873, consists of 96 boards, each with 12 figures -- or over 1,000 figures. Thanks to Napoleon Online, the following articles have over 275 figures covering the Napoelonic Era!

Johann Baptist Cantler was born on 24 May 1822 in Neustadt an der Saale. He studied law and political science in Wuerzburg and in 1867 became a judge on the the regional court in Erding, Bavaria. He died in 1919.

Cantler was a highly gifted artist. Beside the work published here he left numerous figures sketched on various files and folders, which did not always meet with the approval of those in the legal community.

These drawings originally appeared on line in German by our partner, Napoleon Online and are used with its owner's permission. Please note that Markus Stein holds the copyright on all of these images.

The version on Napoleon Online also contains accompanying text in German.



Placed on the Napoleon Series: August 2007