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History and Organisation of the Dutch 8th Militia Battalion: Lt-Colonel Wybrand Adriaan De Jongh (1776 - 1821)

By Marco Bijl

Editor's Note: This article is first appeared on the Dutch 8th Militia website and is used with the author's permission.

Kolonel de Jongh did write his own memors. It's a marvelous story of somebody who was actually on the battlefield. It's in Dutch, but your webmaster is intending to place a translation as soon as possible. Click on the pictures below to enlarge the pages and read the story! Enjoy.

About De Jongh

Lt-Colonel Wybrand Adriaan De Jongh was born on 16 December 1776 in Lommel, Belgium as the child of Jan De Jongh and Elisabel Maria Laats.

His military record shows the following:

Dutch Service.

25 March 1790: Kadet with the Infanterie Regiment No.1 'de Schepper".
18 August 1793: Vaandrig with the same regiment.
11 June 1795: 2nd Luitenant with the Dutch 1 battalion, 4 1/2 brigade.

Campaigns during This Period:

In 1793 and 1794 he was in Brabant and Vlaanderen under the orders of the Prince of Orange. During the battle of Lincelles (18-8-1793) his regiment was defeated. He then joined the the British Guards under MacDonald as a volunteer in a counter attack on some redoubts. Then he joined the regiment 'Van Welderen" in an other counter attack. He was mentioned in the dispatches for this and promoted to Vaandrig on the same day. In 1796 he was on the Rhine under Generaal Daendels. In 1797 he went into French service while located at the island of Texel.

French Service.

1 March 1797: 1st Luitenant with the 9th Regiment of the line of the French army.
1 January 1807: Kapitein with the 4th Line regiment.
22 March 1807: Kapitein with the regiment 'Garde jagers van Koning Lodewijk' (Lodewijk was de French King of the Netherlands).
25 August 1809: Luitenant-Kolonel.
12 March 1811: Luitenant-Kolonel with the 3rd Light Infantry Regiment. Luitenant-Kolonel with the 33th French Light Regiment
13 June 1813: Returned from Russian Imprisonment.

Campaigns during this period:

In 1799 in North-Holland, against the British. In 1801 by Wirtzburg, Swaben and Wartenburg. At the end of 1801 he went back to Texel. In 1805 he was in Austria on the Danube. In 1806 and 1807 in Prussia. Between 1801 and 1807 he was under command of Generaal Du Monschau. In 1809 in Zeeland. In 1812 in Russia with the I French Corps. He was in battles on 10 & 29 September and 2 & 6 October 1812, in Wyasma and Krasnoé.

Dutch Service Again.

He returned to the Netherlands and joined the new Dutch army at 3 June 1814. He became Lt-colonel of the 15th Line Battalion on 14 October 1814. He became commander of the 8th Militia 24 August 1815.

He was wounded by a piece of a howitzer shell at Quatra Bras in his left side and received the 3th Class MWO medal for his performance during the battles.

Campaigns during this period:

Quatre Bras and Waterloo in 1815.

After Waterloo.

After the Waterloo campaign he became 2e colonel and chief of the 16de Afdeling (sort of regiments) at 12 November 1816.

Personal Information.

He was married on 31 December 1807 in Deventer to Anna Geertruida Noot. They had one son and five daughters.

De Jongh died at age 44, on 18 May 1821 in Yperen (Leper), Belgium. He was the commanding officer of the 16th Afdeling. He fellow officers placed a memorial stone on his grave with the following text:

Devant ce Mausolée, arrête-toi, ;ecteur!

En ces lieux git De Jongh, le modéle des braves.

Jeune encor, sous Nassau, sur le champ de l'honneur.

On le vit s'illuster dans les ranges des Bataves.

Non, jamais ne mourra sa gloire, sa valeur.

Généreux citoyen, tender époux et bon pére.

Héla! La mort eût dû respecter sa carriére!.

Unfortunately his grave was not maintained and thus cleared from the cemetry in Leper in 1976.


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