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The Dutch-Belgian Cavalry at Waterloo Archives

By André Develloet

The role of the Dutch-Belgian cavalry in 1815 has been widely debated over the past two hundred years. Most histories of the campaign that are in English, rely on English sources to describe the actions of the Dutch-Belgian cavalry. Dutch and French sources were rarely consulted. This has often caused a distorted view of their contributions in the campaign.

I recently published the book The Dutch-Belgian Cavalry at Waterloo which describes in detail what happened to the Dutch-Belgian cavalry in 1815. I used numerous sources that have not been published in English. These include Dutch provincial and family archives, the General Archives, the Royal Library, the Chancery of the Military Order of William, the High Council of Nobility, The Genealogical Bureau, the Museum of Historical Art, the Army Museum, the department of Military History of the Dutch army, the Royal Archives of the House of Orange and the Cavalry Museum. Additionally, the study also examined many foreign sources which could be found in the British Library and the Army Museum in Londen as well as the archives of Chateau de Vincennes in Paris, plus from the Belgian side several Walloon and Flemish provincial archives were visited and libraries such as the national Koning Albert I library and the Army Museum in Brussels.

Due to publishing restraints, I could not include all of the material I found during my research in the book. These archives contains much additional material that I uncovered.




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