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Council of State's Recommendation to Napoleon on Conscription in 1806

Submitted by Dominique Contant

Mr Lacuée,
First Edition.
Project of Decree Concerning the Conscription of 1806.
Napoleon, Emperor of the French, King of Italy;
On the report of our Minister of the war;
Our council of state settled,
We decreed and decree what follows:

Title I Distribution between Departments

Article 1. Only forty thousand conscripts, taken among the eighty thousand eligible to be conscipted, as authorized by the sénatus - consults of the 2 vendémiaire the year XIV, are called, and will be distributed between the departments of the Empire, according to the sheet annexed to the present decree under the n.o I.

Title II: Operations Related to the Call Up

2. All the operations relative to the raising above prescribed, will be executed according to the dispositions of our imperial decree of Fructidor 8 the year XIII, concerning the raising of the conscription of the year XIV.

Title III: Times in which the Different Operations above Prescribed should be Executed

3. The general and alphabetical lists of every canton, which, according to the Article 6 of the aforesaid decree, should be drawn up by the sub-prefects and shown in all the municipalities of the canton, will be completed and posted on September 1, 1806.

The operations relative to the check of lists, will begin, in all the Empire, on September 10, 1806.

The Council of Recruitment will meet the 15 of the same month.

The first convoy of conscripts from every department will begin on October 1 at the latest; the others will succeed one another from day to day.

Title IV: Of the Distribution of the 40,000 Conscripts of the Year 1806 between the various Corps of the Army.

4. The forty thousand conscripts of the year 1806 called by the present decree, will be distributed between the various corps of the army, according to the sheet annexed to the present decree under the numbers II and III.

5. The forty thousand men remaining of the eighty thousand as authorized by the sénatus - consults of the 2 vendémiaire, will form the reserve of the year 1806. One will continue to observe for the aforementioned conscripts in reserve and for those of the previous years, what was prescribed by the orders of the 18  thermidor the year X, in Fructidor 29 the year XI, and by the decree of the 8 nivôse the year XIII. One will conform, for the conscripts in the depots in the aforesaid acts, in particular in that of the Fructidor 8 the year XIII.

6. Our Ministers are in charge, each in what he is concerned, of the execution of the present decree.

Paris, from the Imperial Printing Office

May 21, 1806



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