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Uniform of the Drummers of the Grenadiers-á-Pied de la Garde: 1810-1815

By Paul Dawson


The uniform of the drummers was identical to that of the soldat as laid out previously in Uniform of the Grenadiers-á-Pied de la Garde: 1810-1815, the only differentiation being noted below. The tambour did not carry the giberne or baionette


The drummers wore the same pattern habit as the men but with red and gold chevron lace to the collar, cuffs, turnbacks, long pockets and lapels. A gold taile appear above the long pockets. Brandenberg loops

Tambour in Campaign Uniform 1806

appeared at all buttonholes. The collar and cuffs were edged in 15 mm gold lace and the lapels in 23 mm gold lace. Plain red epaulettes were worn.� The full dress habit required 15 meters 30 cm of lace in 1810.

In undress or on campaign a second habit was worn. This had plain gold lace to the colour, cuffs and turnbacks. The surtout may have been retained which had gold lace to the collar and cuffs.


This was of white leather and was designed to protect the breaches from rubbing on the drum. The apron was suspended from a white leather waist belt and fastened to the leg by the means of two leather straps. All buckles were brass. It could be purchased from Maison Decomis 56 de la rue Verrerie a Paris for 8 francs.

Collier Porte-Caisse

The white leather drum carriage cost 8 francs.� Above the brass port bagette, a brass grenade device appeared. The port bagette cost 8 francs, the plaque 6,60 francs and the parade drum sticks were purchased from La Maison Bellanger au 36 rue de Petits Carreaux for 9 francs.


The drum had a brass body with light blue hoops,and white stay cords. The drum with spare skin and stays cost 64 francs, while a drum used by the ligne cost only 10 francs.



Placed on the Napoleon Series: November 2003


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