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Prussian Colonels-in-Chief 1792-1806: Hussar Regiments

By Stephen Millar

Prussian hussar regiments were composed of 10 squadrons each (with the exception of Hussar Regiment Bila� Number 11 which had five). In 1806, these light regiments were usually deployed in mixed infantry-cavalry detachments; only two regiments were present at the Battle of Auerstadt.

Probably the most famous Prussian hussar officer was Generalfeldmarschall Gerhard Leberecht von Blucher, the hell-for-leather colonel-in-chief of Hussar Regiment Number 8. Blucher fought the French throughout the Napoleonic Wars; in the Waterloo Campaign, he would command the Prussian Army.

Hussar Regiment Number 1

Present at the Battle of Jena, Hussar Regiment �Gettkandt� Number 1 later surrendered at Anklam on 01.11.1806.

15.09.1770: Czettritz und Neuhaus, Oberst [later General der Kavallerie] Georg-Oswald Freiherr von (1728-1796)
26.01.1797: L�Estocq, Oberst [Later General der Kavallerie] Anton-Wilhelm von (1738-1815)
15.05.1803: Gettkandt, Generalmajor Ernst-Philipp von (1736-1808)

Hussar Regiment Number 2

Hussar Regiment �Rudorff� Number 2 was attached to Saxe-Weimar's Corps in 1806. It surrendered at Ratekau on 07.11.1806.

01.03.1786: Eben und Brunnen, Oberst [later Generalleutnant] Karl-Adolf-August, Freiherr von (1734-1800)
29.12.1794: Goeckingk, Generalmajor [later General der Kavallerie] Friedrich-Eberhard-Siegmund, Freiherr von (1738-1813) [1]
19.10.1805: Rudorff, Oberst [later Generalmajor] Wilhelm-Heinrich von (1741-1832)

[1] This officer's surname is sometimes mis-spelled �Groeckingk�.

Hussar Regiment Number 3

This regiment also surrendered at Ratekau.

23.05.1788: Kohler, Oberst [later General der Kavallerie] Georg-Ludwig-Egidius von (1734-1811)
1796 24.06: Trenck, Generalmajor Friedrich-Ludwig von der
1797 17.09: Schultz, Oberst [later Generalmajor] Dietrich-Wilhelm von (1733-1803)
1803 19.11: Pletz, Oberst [later Generalmajor] August-Wilhelm von (1741-1810)

[1] One source says Hussar Regiment �Pletz� Number 3 was split between Saxe-Weimar's and Ruchel's commands in 1806.

Hussar Regiment Number 4

Hussar Regiment �Wurttemberg� Number 4 was one of only two Prussian hussar regiments present at the Battle of Auerstadt. It was joined with Hussar Regiment Number 8 to form Blucher's cavalry brigade in the Advanced Guard detachment.

1781 16.03: Wurttemberg-Stuttgart, Oberst [later General der Kavallerie] Eugen-Friedrich-Heinrich, Duke of (1758-1822)
1794 29.12: Lediwary, Oberst [later Generalmajor] Karl-Friedrich von (1732-1812) [1]
1797 23.01: Wurttemberg, Generalleutnant Eugen, Prince of

[1] Lediwary was awarded the �Pour le Merite� in 1791.

Hussar Regiment Number 5

This regiment was reorganized after 1806 into the �Leib-Husaren-Regiment� (also known informally as the �Black Hussars�). It subsequently fought at Eylau and Heilsberg in 1807.

23.05.1788: Goeckingk, Oberst [later General der Kavallerie] Eberhard-Siegmund-Gunther, Freiherr von (1738-1813)
29.12.1794: Suter, Generalmajor [later Generalleutnant] Friedrich-Wilhelm von (1733-1815)
20.12.1804: Prittwitz, Oberst [later Generalleutnant] Wolfgang-Moritz von (1731-1812)

Hussar Regiment Number 6

Hussar Regiment �Schimmelfinnig von der Oye� Number 6 was attached to Hohelohe's command in 1806. At the Battle of Jena, it was deployed in a mixed Prussian-Saxon cavalry brigade under Generalmajor Senfft von Pilsach, a Saxon officer.

29.12.1791: Wolffradt, Oberst [later Generalleutnant] Erich-Magnus von (1735-1799) [1]
17.08.1799: Schimmelfennig von der Oye, Oberst [later Generalmajor] Christian-Ludwig (1738-1812)
25.01.1807: Anhalt-Kothen-Pless, Generalmajor [later Generalleutnant] Friedrich-Ferdinand, Prince of (1769-1830)

[1] Wolffradt was awarded the �Pour le Merite� in 1761.

Hussar Regiment Number 7

Attached to Ruchel's Corps in 1806, this regiment later surrendered at Ratekau.

27.12.1775: Usedom, Oberst [later Generalleutnant] Adolf-Detlev von (1726-1792)
13.04.1792: Trenck, Oberst [later Generalmajor] Friedrich-Ludwig von der [1]
24.06.1796: Kohler, Generalleutnant [later General der Kavallerie] Georg-Ludwig-Egidius von (1734-1811)

[1] Trenck was awarded the �Pour le Merite� in 1778.

Hussar Regiment Number 8

Hussar Regiment �Blucher� Number 8 was attached to Prussia's main army in 1806. Commanded by their colonel-in-chief at the Battle of Auerstadt, this unit later surrendered at Ratekau.

06.07.1787: Goltz, Oberst [later Generalmajor] Johann-Wilhelm, Graf von der (1737-1797)
04.06.1794: Blucher, Generalmajor [1813: Generalfeldmarschall] Gebhard-Leberecht von (1742-1819)

Hussar [Lancer] Regiment �Bosniaken/Towarczys� Number 9 [1]

The sole lancer regiment in the 1806 Prussian Army was the Towarczys Regiment, a �foreign� unit raised from Prussia's Polish territories. In 1806, it was attached to L�Estocq's [eastern] corps.

The 10-squadron regiment � formed in 1800 from the �Bosniaken� Regiment � was disbanded in 1807. The released men were later formed into Uhlan Regiment Number 2 (and, in part, Uhlan Regiment Number 1).

A similarly-named lancer battalion (of five squadrons) was commanded by Major [later Oberstleutnant] Schimmelpfinnig von der Oye from 1800 to 1807.

03.02.1788: Gunther, Oberst [later Generalleutnant] Heinrich-Johann, Freiherr von (1736-1803) [2]
30.04.1803: L�Estocq, Generalmajor [later General der Kavallerie] Anton-Wilhelm von (1738-1815) [3]

[1] In some sources, this regiment is not listed with the hussar regiments but rather as a separate lancer unit.
[2] Gunther was awarded the �Pour le Merite� in 1789.
[3] L�Estocq was awarded the �Pour le Merite� in 1761.

Hussar Regiment Number 10

Hussar Regiment �Usedom� Number 10 fought under the Duke of Wurttemberg at the Battle of Halle (17.10.1806).

23.03.1787: Wolky, Generalmajor [later Generalleutnant] Friedrich-Gideon von (1735-1803)
23.01.1797: Lediwary, Oberst [later Generalmajor] Karl-Ludwig von (1732-1812)
01.10.1799: Glaser, Oberst [later Generalmajor] Friedrich-Daniel von (1740-1804)
03.12.1804: Usedom, Oberst [later Generalmajor] Friedrich von (1756-1824)

Hussar Regiment [or �Battalion�] Number 11

Information on this unit indicates Generalmajor von Bila was its colonel-in-chief during the 1806 Campaign. Attached to Oberst von Boguslawski's �Light Brigade� at Jena, this five-squadron unit is often referred to in sources as a �battalion�.

Sass, Generalleutnant Gerhard-Alexander, Freiherr von (1718-1790)
Bila, Generalmajor Karl-Anton-Ernst von (1741-1820)




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