Prussian Infantry Uniforms of 1806

In the Lipperheid Costume Library - today's Kunstbibliothek Berlin (Art Library Berlin) - is a book with the title "Plan der Königlich Preussischen Armee vom Jahr 1806" (Plan of the Royal Prussian Army from the year 1806". This book originates, according to a handwritten note by G. Hild, from the direct possession of the king of Prussia. This note is shown on the right.

Each unit of the Prussian Army of 1806 is represented by (at least) a board, always with an officer as well as an enlisted soldier. Additionally, there are handwritten notes on the lineage, the commander, strength, and garrison locations.

This representation of the Prussian army of 1806 is a source of first quality. There are only two other contemporary sources that illustrate the uniforms of the army at the time: Henschel and Doepler. (Doepler was an artist, who made an extraordinary fine series of plates for each regiment of the Prussian army of 1805/06. This was done by personal order of the King of Prussia. There isonly one known coloured copy today and that's in possession of the Prussian Castle Society and due to defects on the plates it's not possible to examine it. But the responsible persons in Potsdam were kind enough to send photos of the Doepler plates for my research.)

I was able to compare these plates with Doepler's, where the only copy exists in the Stiftung Preussische Schlösser und Gärten . I would like to thank the custodian of the graphic collection Mrs. Claudia Sommer, made available copies of the Doepler boards.

In addition my thanks apply again for the Kunstbibliothek Berlin to authorizing the publication here on Napoleon on-line one.

The boards of the pattern of 1806 distribute themselves on the following troop units:

Technical Troops
Other Units

These drawings originally appeared on line in German by our partner, Napoleon Online and are used with permission of the Kunstbibliothek in Berlin. Please note that Markus Stein holds the copyright on all of these images.



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