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The Uniform Plates of Richard Knötel: the Kingdom of Saxony 1784 - 1813

By Antony Broughton

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Saxon Carabinier Regiment

Kurfurst Cuirassier Regiment

Saxon Garde du Corps

Saxon Garde du Corps 1802

von Polenz, Prince Johann, Prince Clements Light Horse Regiment 1802

Saxon Garde du Corps 1810


Officer and Hussar
Saxon Hussar Regiment 1810

Officers von Polenz and Prince Albrecht
Saxon Light Horse Regiments 1810

Trooper and Lieutenant
Von Zastrow Cuirassier Regiment 1812

Saxon Life-Guard Cavalry Regiment

Saxon Infantry 1802

Saxon Infantry 1810

Saxon Infantry 1810

Saxon Light Infantry 1812

Artillery Officer, Train Officer, Horse Artillery Sergeant
Saxon Army 1810


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