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The Pinhas Uniform Plates of the Westphalian Army: 1811 - 1812

Titelseite der Uniformserie von PinhasSalomon Pinhas was the author of a famous and very detailed picture series on the Westphalian Army of the years 1811-1812. There were 37 plates originally published, and 34 are in the Kassel Federal State Library.

Life of Salomon Pinhas:

  • Born in 1759 to a family of artists.
  • In 1788, became court painter to Hessen Kassel.
  • Produced water colors miniatures of the members of the Westphalian court
  • From 1811-1812, produced the uniform series of the Westphalian Army
  • Died in 1813 in Kassel



The series has been published in German by our partner, Napoleon Online and with permission of the Kasseler Landesbibliothek.


Placed on the Napoleon Series: March 2005

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