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Austrian Regular Infantry

By Mike Embree

Artwork by Keith Vincent

Editor's Note: This paper was first published as a pamphlet by the Napoleonic Association in the late 1970s. The Napoleonic Association has very generously given us permission to place it on the Napoleon Series. It is reproduced in its entirety except for those parts that cover wargaming. Click here for more information on the Napoleonic Association.


Appendix 1: Regimental Facings

Regiment Facings Buttons
1 Light Rose Yellow
2 Deep Yellow Yellow
3 Sky Blue White
4 Sky Blue Yellow
5 Dark Blue White
6 Black White
7 Dark Blue White
8 Wine Red Yellow
9 Apple Green Yellow
10 Light Green White
11 Rose Red White
12 Dark Brown Yellow
13 Green Yellow
14 Black Yellow
15 Madder Yellow
16 Violet Yellow
17 Pale Brown White
18 Pale Rose White
19 Sky Blue White
20 Lobster Red White
21 Sea Green Yellow
22 Deep Yellow White
23 Wine Red White
24 Dark Blue White
25 Sea Green White
26 Light Green Yellow
27 Deep Yellow Yellow
28 Grass Green White
29 Medium Blue White
30 Light Blue Yellow
31 Deep Yellow White
32 Sky Blue Yellow
33 Deep Blue White
34 Madder White
35 Lobster Red Yellow
36 Pale Grey White
37 Wine Red Yellow
38 Rose Red Yellow
39 Wine Red White
40 Crimson White
41 Lemon Yellow White
42 Orange White
43 Lemon Yello White
44 Madder White
45 Crimson Yellow
46 Dark Blue Yellow
47 Grey Green White
48 Grey Green Yellow
49 Pale Grey White
50 Violet White
51 Dark Blue Yellow
52 Pale Rose Yellow
53 Pale Rose White
54 Apple Green White
55 Medium Blue Yellow
56 Grey Green Yellow
57 Pale Grey Yellow
58 Black White
59 Orange Yellow
60 Grey Green White
61 Grass Green Yellow
62 Grass Green White
63 Deep Green White




Placed on the Napoleon Series: May 2001


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