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The Ebner Uniform Plates of the Wurttemberg Army in 1807

In the Darmstadt University Library is a very beautiful uniform series of 24 plates with Wurttemberg soldiers, which were published by Ebner in 1807. None of the pictures reference who the artist was so it can be inferred that they were made by a commercial artist. The units represented date from the period 1805-1808. The following table lists all plates - plus the title page. Click on the images to see a larger picture.

The series has been published in German by our partner, Napoleon Online and with permission of the Universit�ts- und Landesbibliothek Darmstadt. An enlargement of all plates can be seen by clicking on the images.

Title page of the series

Cadet corps

Leibj�ger zu Pferd

Palace Guards

Invalid Corps

Garde du Corps

Chevaulegers-Regiment �K�nig�

Regiment J�ger zu Pferd �K�nig�

Garde zu Fu�

Horse Artillery

Foot Artillery

Regiment J�ger zu Pferd �Herzog Louis�

Chevaulegers-Regiment �Herzog Heinrich�

Foot J�ger Corps

�Kronprinz� Infantry Regiment

�Herzog Wilhelm� Infantry Regiment

�von Lilienberg� Infantry Regiment

�von Pfuhl� Infantry Regiment

�von Camrer� Infantry Regiment

�von Romig� Infantry Regiment

Infantry Fusilier

Light Infantry

Garrison Regiment

Land Regiment

Landreiter Corps



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