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Decorations and Awards: Hesse

Hesse Darmstadt: Cross of  Order of Ludwig

Cross of the Order of Saint Ludwig

Order of Saint Ludwig

Founded in 1807
Five Classes:

1st Class: Grand Cross
Commander 1st Class
Commander 2nd Class
Knight 1st Class
Knight 2nd Class

Where worn:

The same cross was worn for all recipients, but in different sizes
Grand Cross: on a ribbon from left to right side
Commanders 1st and 2nd Class: around the neck
Kinights 1st and 2nd Class: attached to button hole
The Shield could be worn on the left breast.

Hesse Darmstadt: Shield of  Order of Ludwig

Shield of the Order of Saint Ludwig

French Recipients of the Grand Cross (1810)

Prince of Neufchatel
Prince of Essling, Marshal

French Commanders 1st Class (1810):

Baron Bailly de Monthion, General-de-Brigade
Baron Cara Saint-Cyr, General-de-Division
Baron Marulaz, General-de-Division
Baron Schiner, General-de-Brigade
Sainte-Croix, General-de-Brigade

French Commanders 2nd Class (1810):

Baron Couture, Adjudant-Commandant
Baron Dentzel, Adjudant-Commandant
Mass´┐Żna, Capitaine

French Knights 1st Class (1810): None

French Knights 2nd Class (1810): None