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Uniform of the Grenadiers-á-Pied de la Garde: 1810-1815


By Paul Dawson


Grenadier, Campaign Dress 1814

The Grenadiers-á-Pied of the Imperial Garde were formed on 4 May 1804, and consisted of two battalions, each made up of eight companies of 102 men. In 1806, each company consisted of 166 men, and two years later the 2nd Regiment was incorporated into the 1st.� A company consisted of the following, one capitaine, three lieutenants, one sergent-major, two sergents, on fourrier, eight caporals, two sapuers, two dru mmers, and 102 soldats.

General Dorsenne
Commandant of the Grenadiers

We know a great deal about the regiment, the battles it fought and the uniforms it wore, but we know little about the grenadiers them selves. Memoires survive from Coignet, Pills, Barras, de Mauduit and Bourgoyne, and provide us with an insight into these men's lives. However we only know of 2 grenadiers whose likeness is known to us, these are Fourier Burg and Sergent Taria. They were photographed in 1858, and provide us with the faces behind the uniforms.

Fourier Burg, who Served 1809-1815, Photographed 1858.

Sergent Taria, who Served 1809-1815, Photographed 1858.

Sergent, Grenadiers-á-Pied de la Garde Imperiale c.1855.
The Grenadiers-á-Pied were re-formed in by Napoleon III.
This uniform was worn during the Crimean War.

Grenadiers-á-Pied de la Garde Imperiale. C.1868.



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