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Uniforms of the Chasseurs-�-Pied� de la Garde

By Paul Dawson

Vernet's Chasseur-a-Pied

Chassuer à Pied, ex-Garde,1810-1815 by Vernet - Lami


The Chasseurs-�-Pied� of the Imperial Garde were formed on 4� May 1804, and consisted to two battalions, each made up of eight companies of 102 men. In 1806, each company consisted of 166 men, and two years later the 2nd Battalion was incorporated into the 1st.� A company consisted of the following, one capitaine, three lieutenants, one sergent-major, two sergents, on fourrier, eight caporals, two sapuers, two drummers and 102 soldats.� During peace, each company was to have 150 men, while during times of war 200 men.





Placed on the Napoleon Series: March 2005


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