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Austerlitz Tour: Pratzen Heights

By William Peterson

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(Left to right)

  1. View to the NW and N from the summit of the Pratzen Heights. Kobelnitz village is at the far left, Lapanz (Slapanice) at center left. Brunn (Brno) is faintly visible in the distance at the left. Pratzen village is in the right foreground.
  2. View to the E and SE from the crest of the Pratzen Heights. In this position, Saint-Hilaire's division (10th Légère, 14th and 36th Ligne) received the counterattack of the Austrian brigades of Jurczik and Rottermund (sixteen battalions) and the Russian brigade of Kamensky (Fangoria Grenadiers and Ryazan Musketeers, six battalions) ascending this slope. The weight of the Allied attack gradually forced Saint-Hilare off the heights and back to the village of Pratzen.

(Left to right)

  1. Looking W from the foot of the Pratzen Heights toward the crest, in the direction of the counterattack of Jurczik, Rottermund, and Kamensky.
  2. Allied view of Saint-Hilaire's attack, looking from the crest of the Pratzen Heights NW toward Pratzen village.
  3. View from the south edge of Pratzen village S and SE toward the Pratzen Heights (Peace Monument is visible at far right). From here, Saint-Hilaire launched his division in a final bayonet charge that swept the exhausted and ammunition-depleted brigades of Jurczik, Rottermund, and Kamensky back off the Pratzen Heights. This doomed the Allied left wing to destruction.

(Left to right)

  1. The Peace Memorial at the summit of the Pratzen Heights.



Placed on the Napoleon Series: June 2000


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