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Austerlitz Tour: The Santon

By William Peterson

Click on any thumbnail image for a larger view.

(Left to right)

  1. View from the summit of the Santon looking NW. The north face of the Santon is cliff-like and almost unassailable.
  2. Replica French 8-pounder at the northeast crest of the Santon. The actual armament of the Santon was eighteen captured Austrian 3-pounders, supported by the 2nd Battalion, 17th Légère.
  3. View from the summit of the Santon looking NE over the village of Tvarozna, with Siwitz (Sivice) in the distance. The Santon garrison fired on Bagration's flanking force in this direction.
  4. View from the summit of the Santon looking E. The trees obscure the slope, which for the first 20 meters from the top is at an angle of about 45 degrees.

(Left to right)

  1. View to the SE from the Santon, showing the old Olmutz Road (middle distance) and the new superhighway beyond.
  2. View to the S from the Santon.
  3. The Santon as seen by the Allied troops, looking NW.
  4. View from the south edge of Siwitz, looking SW toward the Santon (center). Bagration's flanking force consisting of the 5th Jaeger, Mariupol Hussars, and Khazenkov Cossacks advanced from here, driving in the pickets of the 1/17th Légère, but was repulsed by heavy fire from the Santon and driven away in disorder.



Placed on the Napoleon Series: June 2000


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