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Wellington's Headquarters in Freineda, Portugal

Virtual Battlefield Tour

By Luis Fernandes

During the winters of 1811-1812 and 1812-1813, Wellington's headquarters was in a small Portuguese village about 25 kilometers from the Spanish border fortress of Ciudad Rodrigo. Wellington had the largest house in the town, with a large dining room for entertaining, and a separate bedroom. The house was made of large stone blocks and situated close to the church. The following are images of the interior of the house that served as his headquarters.

For those interested in the history of his stay in Freineda, click on the following:
Wellington's Headquarters at Freineda

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    1. Wellington's headquarters in Freineda.
    2. View of the church, taken from the veranda.
    3. The corridor; the main room is at the top.
    4. The main entrance; to the chapel.



  1. The main entrance; to the chapel on the left, to the saloon on the right.
  2. The ceiling in the main room.
  3. The wine cellar in the basement of the main house.View from the rear of the house; the dependencies for horses and other domestic animals.
  4. Entrance for the corridor and for a room; on the right is situated the small room with a fireplace and the chimney. The picture is taken from the entrance of the main room.




  1. The corridor in the entrance from the main saloon.
  2. View from the rear of the house: the stables for horses and other domestic animals.



Placed on the Napoleon Series: July 2001


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