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The Campaign in Italy, 1796-97: Millesimo

Virtual Battlefield Tour

By Bill Peterson

At dawn on 13 April 1796, Augereau's French division stormed over the Bormida River bridge at Millesimo and drove Provera's Austrians into the hills beyond. Provera rallied 1500 men at the ruined hilltop castle of Cosseria, where they beat off the attacks of three French columns in a hail of musketry and a rain of stones rolled from the precipice. Of the leaders of the three French columns, Generals Banel and Quesnel were killed, and General Joubert wounded. Without food or water and without hope of relief, Provera capitulated on 14 April.


    1. The Bormida River bridge at Millesimo. Augereau's attack stormed over the bridge from left to right.
    2. Cosseria Castle.
    3. Cosseria Castle.
    4. Memorial plaque (missing several letters) at Cosseria Castle.



  1. View over the Bormida Valley from Cosseria Castle. Millesimo at extreme left.
  2. The Attack on the Cosseria Castle by Tournay






Placed on the Napoleon Series: January 2001