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Waterloo Tour

By Fons Libert

These pages are intended to become a complete virtual Waterloo Battlefield tour. It was my friend, Mr. John Schneider (Napoleonic Literature) who came up with the idea. He told me that there are probably thousands of people in the world who will never have the chance to see the Waterloo battlefield. With this joint initiative (he scanned all the pictures I took and gave valuable input) we hope to provide these people with an opportunity to see the battlefield, and later maybe also the surrounding museums. It's only virtual but that's still better than not at all I think.

Just click on the links to see the pictures I took in those places. Clicking on a thumbnail will open a larger picture. Have fun walking the Virtual Waterloo Battlefield and take care of those virtual blisters...:-)

For a visual reference consult the map from Chapter 5 of the Campaign of the Hundred Days.