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Waterloo at the Turn of the 19th Century

Virtual Battlefield Tour


Battlefields change over the years. If a Waterloo veteran could returned to the battlefield today, he may have trouble recognizing some of the landmarks that were prominent then. George Nafziger has provided some photographs taken of the battlefield about 1900. The modern photographs, except that of La Haye Sainte, are from Fons Libert's Waterloo Virtual Battlefield Tour. The modern photograph of La Haye Sainte was provided by Vic Powell of the Portsmouth Napoleonic Society. It is interesting to compare the changes to these landmarks since then!



Click on any thumbnail image for a larger view.


  1. View of the Monuments, cicra 1900: The Hannoverian Monument is in front, the Gordon Monument to the right, and the Lion Column in the rear.
  2. View of the Hannoverian Monument, circa 1995.
  3. View of the Gordon Monument, circa 1995. The Lion Column is in the rear.




  1. Hougomount: South Gate, circa 1900. Note the difference in the roof on the building in the front and the third chimney.

  2. Hougomount: South Gate, circa 1995
  3. La Haye Sainte, circa 1900.
  4. La Haye Sainte, circa 2000.





Placed on the Napoleon Series: March 2002