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The Soldiers of Hesse Nassau: Appendix II

The Soldiers of Hesse Nassau: Appendix II

The Soldiers of Hesse Nassau: Appendix II

Translated by Greg Gorsuch


with respect to the uniforms of the contingents from Hesse-Darmstadt and Nassau (1806-1813)
(All the plates cited are colored).


BECK u. K. VON HAHN. — Geschichte des Grossherzoglich Hessischen Feldartillerie Regiment no 25. Berlin, Mittler und Sohn, 1899.

1803 Gunner, dress uniform.

—      Officer in a capote (cloak).

—      Gunner, field dress.
1812 Gunner, campaign dress in Spain.

1809-1820.  Horse artillery trumpeter.

MILITARY COSTUMES. From the coloured lithographs of the Military Archives of the Royal Library in Dresden. (Collection of M. Balsan.)

Hesse-Darmstadt, 1810: Fusilier vom 1ten Infanterie Regiment.

Officer vom 2ten Infanterie Regiment, Interims Uniform,

Grenadier vom 2ten Infanterie Regiment.

Oberst der Garde Chevaulegers.

Guard Chevaulegers.

HERZBERG. Real portraits of all the military costumes of the monarchs of Europe.  Herzberg, K. K. Akademische Kunsthandlung. Augsburg, 1800-1810. Collection of 90 plates, in 4, colored with the greatest care, and published in issues of 5 sheets; each nation is represented by one or two pieces, generally giving 2 plates of infantry, 2 of cavalry, and 1 of artillery, the latter always in width.

Each plate contains several types.

The single plate, relating to the uniforms of Hesse-Darmstadt (and reproduced in this work), is part of the 18th issue, Allied troops of France.

Musketeer and fusilier of the Regiment of the Guard.

Musketeer and rifleman of the Regiment du Corps.


KNÖTEL (Richard). Uniformenkunde.  Rathenow, Max Babenzien. Publication started in 1890; each volume forms a set of 12 in 4 pieces, each containing 5 colored plates with notes, and 4 pages of text. The 17th volume of this very important work is in the process of being published. The number in Roman numerals indicates the volume, and the number in Arabic numerals, the plate.

IV.19. — 1803-1807. Battalion Guard fusiliers:  fusilier.

Battalion du Corps Fusiliers: officer.

Crown Prince Brigade: musketeer.

Landgrave Brigade: musketeer.

XIV. 15. 1807-1809. du Corps Regiment and Guard Regiment.

VI. 18. 1809. Regiment of the Guard.

II. 43. 1809.Crown Prince Regiment: fusilier in marching dress, grenadier, voltigeur.

VIII. 13.         1812.    Light Horse:  rider in full dress, rider in campaign dress, trumpeter, officer.

VI. 55. 1812.   Light Horse.

VIII. 22.          1809.   Artillery: driver, gunner, non-commissioned officer, officer.

I. 35. 1812.    Gunner (in Spain).

VIII. 21.         1809.    Gardes du Corps:  riders on guard and walking out dress, rider in full dress, officer in breastplate.

XIII. 22.           1812.  Gendarmerie: officer and gendarme.

LIÉNHART AND HUMBERT. — The Uniforms of the French Army from 1690 to the present day.  5 volumes in 4, text, types and colored diagrams. Leipzig, M. Ruhl, 1897-1905.

Tome V. Pl. 33. Crown Prince Regiment, 1809.

Diagrams:        Guard Brigade: musketeer, fusilier.

                           Crown Prince Brigade: musketeer, fusilier.

                          Landgrave Brigade: musketeer, fusilier.

Pl. 34. Crown Prince Brigade: officer, 1803-1807.

Light Horses: rider.

Diagrams:  du Corps Regiment. Regiment du Corps, 1813.

Guard Regiment. Guard Regiment, 1813.

Regiment Crown Prince.

Regiment Crown Prince: marching uniform.

Regiment Crown Prince: dress in Spain.

Artillery: officer, non-commissioned officer, gunner.

Battery of Spain: conductor.

Gardes du Corps: officer and soldier.

Light Horse: horseman, officer, trumpeter; horseman, 1813.

CAPTAIN DE MANDRES AND COMMANDER SAUZEY. France on Campaign. One hundred colored plates of military uniforms, drawn from authentic documents by Captain Rozat de Mandres, with short historical notes by Commander Sauzey of La Sabretache. 1 vol. in 4 jesus, Pairs, Leroy, 1906.

Pl. 41. 1809. Allied troops of the Confederacy of the Rhine.

Hesse-Darmstadt infantry:  fusilier of the Guard Regiment and fusilier of the Nassau 2nd Infantry Regiment. (This plate is reproduced as a frontispiece in this work).

MILITARY UNIFORMS OF THE GRAND DUCHY OF HESSE-DARMSTADT, 1790-1870. After the unnamed watercolors in the Darmstadt Military Library. (Library of Lieutenant-Colonel Sauzey)

Prinz Emil von Hessen-Darmstadt, General-in-chief of gross-herzogl. hessichen Armee, 1806-1815 (in uniform of the Crown Prince Regiment).

Fusilier Officer, 1803 (Crown Prince Regiment)

Musketier von 2. Inf. Regiment, 1803 (Regiment of the Guard).

Chevaulegers Officer, 1791.

Oberst artillery, 1790.

Artillery Officer im Überrock, 1803.

Reitende Battery, 1809-1820 (trumpeter).

Kanonier feldmässig, 1803.

Kanonier, 1812 (Spanish battery).

Stück Knecht, 1803 (train soldier).

WEILAND. The Imperial Army of France and its Allies. Weimar, 1807 and 1812. 148 pl. in-12; important collection giving not only the uniforms of the French troops of the First Empire, but also those of the contingents of the Confederation of the Rhine, the Italians and the Poles.

Grossherzogl. Hessen-Darmstadt. Infantry.

Hessen-Darmstadt. Chevaulegers Officer.

Hessen-Darmstadt. Artillery Officer.

ZIMMERMANN. Geschichte des 1. Grossherzoglich Hessischen Dragoner Regiment no 23. Darmstadt, Bergsträsser, 1878.

Officer, Uniform 1790-1808.

II. Nassau.

MILITARY COSTUMES, after colored lithographs from the Royal Library in Dresden. Three original watercolors. (Balsan Collection.)
1808 Grenadier.

1812-1815. Infantry: sapper.

Infantry:  voltigeur

E. FORT. Original watercolors.

Infantry of Nassau (in Spain): drummer and voltigeur, sapper and grenadier, sapper.

KNÖTEL (Richard). Uniformenkunde. (See in Hesse-Darmstadt)

IV. 36. — 1806. Leib-Bataillon von Todenwarth.

VI. 38. — 1809. 1. Nassauisches Regiment: Grenadier von 2. Bat.

2.Nassauisches Regiment: Grenadier von 1. u 2. Bat.

II. 12. — 1810. 2. Infanterie Regiment in Spanien: Officer, Voltigeur, Grenadier, Fusilier.

V. 14. — Reitende Jäger: 1806, Jäger.

1807, Officer.

1810, Officer, Jäger.

LIENHART AND HUMBERT. The Uniforms of the French Army. (See in Hesse-Darmstadt).

Tome V. Pl. 35. Nassau.

Diagrams:  Infantry. Todenwarth Battalion.
1809 Grenadier, fusilier, voltigeur.

Chasseurs à cheval:
1806 Soldier, officer.

1807 Soldier, officer.

Pl. 36. Drummer and voltigeur of Nassau, 1812.

CAPTAIN DE MANDRES AND COMMANDER SAUZEY. France on Campaign. (See in Hesse-Darmstadt).

Pl. 41. Hesse-Darmstadt infantry (fusilier of the Guard Regiment) and Nassau infantry (fusilier of the 2nd Regiment)

RÜSSLER (Ph. Von). Geschichte der Nassauischen Truppen. A vol. in-12 with 1 pl. costumes in full-colour, plans and maps. Wiesbaden, A. Stein. 1863.


Grenadiere (with a flag of Nassau).

Reitende Jäger.



WEILAND. The French Army and its Allies. (See in Hesse-Darmstadt.)

Nassau-Usingen Chevaulegers Officer.

Nassau-Usingen Infantry Officer.

Nassau-Usingen Grenadier.