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The Soldiers of Hesse Nassau: Appendix III – Officers killed or wounded in the service of France

The Soldiers of Hesse Nassau: Appendix III – Officers killed or wounded in the service of France

The Soldiers of Hesse Nassau: Appendix III

Translated by Greg Gorsuch



I. Hesse-Darmstadt contingent.

Guard Regiment (including the battalion of fusiliers).

March 28, 1809. Battle of Medellin

WEICHS, aide-de-camp to General Leval, wounded.

May 21, 1809. Battle of Essling

DE FOLLENIUS, major, wounded.

METZLER, lieutenant, wounded.

FRESENIUS, lieutenant, wounded.

DE STOSCH, lieutenant, wounded.

BECHTATT, lieutenant, wounded.

HALLWACHS, lieutenant, wounded.

June 3, 1809. Combat of Pressburg

COPPET, captain, wounded.

KEKULE, captain, wounded (died 26th).

KULLMANN, lieutenant, wounded.

SEITZ, lieutenant, injured.

July 6, 1809. Battle of Wagram

METZLER, lieutenant, killed.

PURGOLD, lieutenant, killed.

WELLER, captain, wounded (died 22nd).

KULMANN, lieutenant, wounded (died 22nd).

KOHLER, major, wounded.

STRECKER, captain, wounded.

WACHTER, captain, wounded.

DE ROSENBERG, lieutenant, wounded.

DE ZWIERLEIN, lieutenant, wounded.

DE PERGLAS, lieutenant, wounded.

SCHMIDT, lieutenant, wounded.

ZEITZ, lieutenant, wounded.

DE STOSCH, lieutenant, wounded.

July 11, 1809. Battle of Znaïm

DE ZWIERLEIN, lieutenant, killed.

September 24, 1812. Affair near Moscow

SAND, lieutenant, wounded.

September 25, 1812. Battle of Wurzewo

SEYD, lieutenant, wounded.

Nov. 17, 1812. Fight in front of Krasnoi

GANGLOFF, lieutenant, wounded.

May 2, 1813. Battle of Lützen

DE FOLLENIUS, colonel, wounded.

GLASSMACHER, lieutenant, wounded.

LIER, lieutenant, wounded.

18 Oct. 1813. Battle of Leipzig

DE SCHWARZNAU, captain, killed.

HOFFMANN, lieutenant, wounded (died).

DE ROSENBERG, captain, wounded.

DE STOSCH, captain, wounded.

LINDENSTRUTH, lieutenant, wounded.

18 Oct. 1813. Battle of Leipzig

GOTTWERTH, lieutenant, wounded.

Regiment du Corps (including the battalion of fusiliers).

May 22, 1809. Battle of Essling

KUHLMANN, captain, killed.

KOENIGER, captain, wounded.

STUMPFF, lieutenant, wounded.

LESCH DE MULHEIM, lieutenant, wounded.

GOTTWERTH, lieutenant, wounded.

June 3, 1809. Combat of Pressburg

WESTERWELLER, lieutenant, wounded.

ROSTMANN, lieutenant, wounded.

MEYER, lieutenant, wounded.

July 6, 1809. Battle of Wagram

GOEDECKE, captain, killed.

DE PUIS, captain, killed.

HALWACHS, lieutenant, killed.

KLEINGELHOEGER, lieutenant, killed.

LEHMANN, lieutenant, wounded (died 24th).

SCHARNHORST, major, wounded (died 21st).

MERK, captain, wounded (died 22nd).

BECK, lieutenant, wounded (died 24th).

KROH, lieutenant, wounded (died 23rd).

MOSSLER, adjutant captain, wounded.

RAABE, captain, adjutant, wounded.

MOTER, captain, adjutant, wounded.

WACHTER, lieutenant, wounded.

KILIAN, lieutenant, wounded.

SEIPP, lieutenant, wounded.

CHELIUS, lieutenant, wounded.

WEBER, lieutenant, wounded.

ROTHSMANN, lieutenant, wounded.

GEYER, lieutenant, wounded.

ECKARD, lieutenant, wounded.

Nov. 17, 1812 Battle of Krasnoi[2]

RAABE, captain, killed.

GOTTWERTH, lieutenant, killed.

STUMPF, captain, wounded (died).

DE NORDECK DE RABENAU, lieutenant, wounded (died).

SOMMER, lieutenant, wounded (died).

WEIDIG, lieutenant, wounded (died).

HALLWACHS, lieutenant, wounded (died).

EBEL, flag bearer of the 1st Battalion, wounded (died).

HOFF, Lieut. reserve, wounded (died).

HEIM, lieutenant, wounded (died).

VOIGT, Lieut. reserve (wounded).

May 2, 1813. Battle of Lützen

LIEBKNECT, lieutenant, killed.

ROEDER, captain, wounded.

KILIAN, lieutenant, wounded.

HEYDTE, lieutenant, wounded.

GEHREN, lieutenant, wounded.

18-19 Oct. 1813. Battle of Leipzig

MOTER, lieutenant, wounded on the 18th.

KILIAN, lieutenant, wounded on the 18th.

GERLACH (J.-A.), lieutenant, wounded on 19th.

Provisional Regiment of Light Infantry (formed in 1812).

May 2, 1812. Battle of Lützen

SCHÄFER, captain, wounded.

MEYER, captain, wounded.

WESTERWELLER, lieutenant, wounded.

AKMUS, lieutenant, wounded.

VOIGT, lieutenant, wounded.

SCHMIDT, lieutenant, wounded.

ROTHSMANN, lieutenant, wounded.

GRAFF, lieutenant, wounded.

MUHLER, lieutenant, wounded.

Oct. 18, 1812. Battle of Leipzig

DE DRESSEL, lieutenant, killed.

DIEZ, lieutenant, wounded.

Regiment Crown Prince (including the battalion of fusiliers).

Oct. 14, 1806. Battle of Jena

MEYER, lieutenant, wounded.

Jan. 22, 1807. Siege of Graudenz

EDLING, lieutenant, wounded.

SCRIBAS, second lieutenant, wounded.

Jan. 29, 1807. Battle of Gatsch

GÖTZ, captain, wounded.

March 16, 1807. Battle of Neudorf

ZIMMERMANN, captain, wounded.

LEMBKE, captain, wounded.

28 July 1809. Battle of Talavera

DOLL, captain, injured (died 10 August).

GRUBEL, captain, wounded.

MAURER, lieutenant, wounded.

DAMM, lieutenant, wounded.

August 11, 1809. Battle of Almonacid

GUNTHER, lieutenant, wounded (died 17 September).

EYSERMANN, major, wounded.

KOENIGER, captain, wounded.

Nov. 19, 1809. Battle of Ocaña

ECKSTEIN, lieutenant, killed.

FENNER, captain, wounded.

SCHWANER, captain wounded.

MAURER, lieutenant, wounded.

KIRCHOFFER, lieutenant, wounded.

September 24, 1810. Defense of Rielves

GRAN, captain, wounded.

July 29, 1811. Battle of Navalmoral

DE LEHRBACH, captain, wounded.

March 19, 1812. Defense of Badajoz

ZUMBACH, lieutenant, wounded.

VOIGT, lieutenant, wounded.

April 6, 1812. Assault on Badajoz

SCHMALKALDER, major, killed.

SCHULTZ, adjutant captain, killed.

DE SCHAFFER, captain, killed.

SCHEIDT, lieutenant, killed.

KLINGELMANN, captain, wounded (died 7th).

SCHWANER, captain, wounded (died 8th).

KOHLER, colonel, wounded.

DE LEHRBACH, captain, wounded.

SEKENBERG, lieutenant, wounded.

MAURER, lieutenant, wounded.

BESSERER, lieutenant, wounded.

VENATOR, lieutenant, wounded.

August 8, 1812. Battle of Pancorbo

WOLFF, lieutenant, wounded.

Light Horse Regiment

April 1, 1807. Combat of Kirch-Brombach

DE BREIDENBACH, lieutenant, wounded.

April 22, 1809. Battle of Eckmühl

DE MÜNCHINGEN, major, wounded.

May 2, 1809. Battle of Neumarkt

DE DALWIGK, captain, killed.

May 21, 1809. Battle of Essling

DE BREIDENBACH-BREIDENSTEIN I, lieutenant, wounded (died March 1810).

July 6, 1809. Battle of Wagram

GLOCK, lieutenant, wounded.

Nov. 14, 1812. Combat of Smolany

SOMMERLAD, lieutenant, wounded.

28 Nov. 1812.Battle of Berezina

DE BOYNBURG-LANGSFELD, captain, wounded.

DE BRANDIS, lieutenant, drowned in crossing the Berezina.

DE BOLTOG, lieutenant, wounded and missing.

GLOCK, lieutenant, wounded.

Count of YSENBURG, Lieut., Wounded.

May 2, 1813. Battle of Lützen

ELIER, lieutenant, wounded.

SEIP, lieutenant, wounded.

DE GEHREN II, lieutenant, wounded.

May 19, 1813. Combat of Hoyerswerda

DE LUNINGK, lieutenant, wounded.

September 5, 1813. Battle of Zahna

DE MÜCHINGEN, colonel, killed.


July 6, 1809. Battle of Wagram

MULLER, lieutenant, wounded.

KROLL, lieutenant, wounded.

April 6, 1812. Defense of Badajoz

MAY, lieutenant, wounded.

28 Nov. 1812. Battle of Berezina

HAAK, captain, injured (died 22 December).

Oct. 18, 1813. Battle of Leipzig

MULLER, captain, injured.

KUHLMANN, lieutenant, injured (died).

D’ERBACH, captain, aide-de-camp to Prince Emile, killed.

II. Nassau contingent

Nassau 1st Infantry Regiment

August 6, 1807. Siege of Stralsund

FÉLIX, major, wounded.

March 25, 1810. Fight on the road to Manresa

DE HADEL (Ch.), Lieutenant, wounded.

April 1810. Expedition from Manresa

HARTWICK, captain, killed.

GREISS, lieutenant, killed.

MUHLMANN, lieutenant, killed.

MEDER, captain, wounded.

DE MOOTZ, battalion commander, wounded.

HEGEMANN, captain, wounded.

AVEMANN, captain, wounded.

MARQUARD, captain, wounded and made prisoner.

SCHULER, Lieut. adjutant-major, wounded.

DE HADEL, lieutenant, wounded.

APPEL, lieutenant, wounded.

HOFMANN, lieutenant, wounded.

EYRING, cadet, wounded.

SENDLER, surgeon-major, wounded.

PAMERT, surgeon-major, wounded.

April 5, 1811. Affair near Hostalrich

DE HADEL (G.), lieut. adjutant-major, wounded.

July 11, 1811. Battle of Mataró

DE POLNITZ, colonel, wounded, died the 13th.

September 6, 1812. Defense of Mataró

DE WALDSCHMIDT, captain, wounded.

Dec 20, 1812. Surprise of Mataró

REMY, lieutenant, wounded, died the 22nd.

DE WALDSCHMIDT, captain, wounded.

Feb 25, 1814. Near Barcelona

MEDER, general, former colonel of the Nassau 1st Regiment, killed.

Nassau 2nd Infantry Regiment

Oct. 31, 1808. Battle of Durango

HEHL, captain, wounded.

Jan. 26, 1809. Fight at the Almaraz bridge

DE TRAPP, captain, wounded (died 28th).

Feb 3, 1809. Fight at the Almaraz bridge

DE WEYHERS, captain, wounded.

March 17, 1809. Battle of Mesa-de-Ibor

THOMIN, lieutenant, killed.

ROSEMBAUM, lieut., wounded (died).

LANSCHIED, lieutenant, wounded (died).

UMBUSCH, captain, wounded.

HEHL, captain, wounded.

WIRSDORF, lieutenant, wounded.

STERZING, lieutenant, wounded.

LIEL, lieutenant, wounded.

SMIDT, lieutenant, wounded.

SUDEN, lieutenant, wounded.

March 8, 1809. Battle of Medellin

DE KRUSE, colonel, wounded.

STATTLER, captain, wounded.

BÜSGEN, lieutenant, wounded.

SOSSY, lieutenant, wounded.

June 1809. Passage du Tiétar

FÉLIX, major, drowned.

28 July 1809. Battle of Talavera

DE HAYN, captain, killed.

RIESS, captain, wounded, (died in the evening).

Nov 19, 1809. Battle of Ocaña

BÜSGEN, lieutenant, wounded.

DE CLOTZ, lieutenant, wounded.

SMIDT, lieutenant, wounded.

March 2, 1811. Surprise of Infants

DE BERNINGER, captain, wounded.

July 17, 1811. Lezuza affair

PAHL, captain, wounded.

August 6, 1811. Affair of Villarrobledo

PAHL, captain, wounded.

August 25, 1811. Surprise of Alcaraz

DE FURSTENWARTER, captain, wounded.

Nov. 2, 1811. Villa-Nueva affair

DE GOEDECKE, lieutenant-colonel, wounded.

July 17, 1812. Combat of Mora

MORASS, captain, wounded (died 18th).

September 22, 1812. Defense of Consuegra

SATTLER, captain, wounded.

June 18, 1813. Battle of Ariñuela

DER BERNIGER, captain, wounded.

DE KRIFT, lieutenant, wounded.

June 21, 1813. Battle of Vitoria

PAHL, adjutant captain, killed.

MEDICUS, captain, killed.

DE GOEDECKE, lieutenant-colonel, wounded.

Prince WITTGENSTEIN, major, wounded.

DUMONT, captain, wounded.

DE MORENHOFEN, lieutenant, wounded.

SCHMIDT, lieutenant, wounded.

EBEL, lieutenant, wounded.

June 24, 1813. Retreat from Pamplona

DE FURSTENWARTER, captain, wounded.

MULLER, lieutenant, wounded.

August 31, 1813. Fight on the Bidasoa

DE SCHWARZ, captain, wounded (died September 1).

WEBER, lieutenant, wounded.

WIRSBERG, lieutenant, wounded.

Nassau 2nd Squadron of Chasseurs à Cheval.

March 5, 1811. Combat of Albacete

DE RETTBERG, lieutenant, wounded.

July 17, 1811. Lezuza affair

DE REINECK, major, killed.

DE NORMAN, captain, killed.

August 6, 1811. Combat of Villarrobledo against the guerrillas

D’ESCHWEGE, lieutenant, killed.

DE RETTBERG, lieutenant, wounded.

DE REICHENAU, lieutenant, wounded.

[1] According to Martinien, Tables by corps and by battalion of officers killed or wounded during the wars of the Empire (1805-1815), and after the Histories of the regiments of Hesse-Darmstadt and Nassau.

[2] All the officers wounded on 17 November 1812 in Krasnoi died the same day in the fire in the hut which served as a dressing station, with the exception of the Lieutenant Voigt.