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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Combat of Nasielsk

Combat at Nasielsk

The 24th, the reserve of cavalry and the corps of marshal Davoust moved on Nasielsk.  The Emperor gave the command of the advanced guard to General Rapp.  Arriving one mile from Nasielsk, they met before them the enemy guard.

General Lemarrois left with two dragons regiments, to turn a large wood and to surround this advanced guard.  This movement was carried out with promptitude.  But the enemy advanced guard, seeing the French Army not making any movement to advance, suspected some such maneuver and did not tarry.  However it was made some charges, in one of which major Ourvarow was taken, aide-de-camp of the emperor of Russia.  Immediately after, a detachment arrived in the small town of Nasielsk.  The cannonade became sharp.  The position of the enemy was good:  it was protected by marshes and wood.  The marshal Kaminski commanded in person.  He believed he could hold this position through the night, while waiting for the other columns came to join him:  a vain calculation; he was driven out, and carried down by his beating several miles.  Some Russian Generals were wounded, several colonels made captive, and several piecess of cannon taken.  Colonel Beker, of the 8th. regiment of dragons, a brave officer, was mortally wounded. 





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