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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Passage of the Wrka

At the same time, General Nansouty, with Klein’s division and a brigade of light cavalry collapsed the cossacks and the enemy cavalry in front of Kursomb that had passed the Wkra on this point, and crossed this river there.  The seventh army corps, which marshal Augereau commanded, carried out his passage of Wkra at Kursomb, and collapsed the 15,000 men who defended it.  The passage of the bridge was brilliant.  The14th. line carried out it in tightened columns, while 16th. light infantry with a sharp fusillade established on right bank.  Hardly had the 14th.  emerged from the bridge, that there ensued a cavalry charge, that was supported with ordinary intrepidity at the French infantry;  but an unhappy lancer penetrated to the head of the regiment, and stabbed a lance blow to the colonel, who fell stiffly dead.  He was a brave soldier;  he was worthy to command such brave corps.  The murderous fire that his regiment carried out, and which put the cavalry enemy in the greatest disorder, was the first of the honors returned to his memory. 

The 25th, the third corps which was commanded by marshal Davoust went into Tykoczyn, where the enemy had withdrawn.  The fifth corps, commanded by marshal Lannes, moved on Pultusk, with the division of Beker’s dragons. 

The Emperor went with most of the cavalry of the reserve in Ciechanow.




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