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British Artillery at Vitoria: 21 June 1813

By Robert Burnham, FINS

Unit Artillery Unit Type of Guns
1st Division Du Bourdieu's Brigade 9 pounders
2nd Division Maxwell's Brigade 9 pounders
3rd Division Douglas' Brigade 9 pounders
4th Division Sympher's Brigade 9 pounders
5th Division Lawson's Brigade Heavy 6 pounders
7th Division Cairnes' Brigade 9 pounders
Light Division Ross's RHA Troop Light 6 pounders
Fane's Cavalry Brigade Bean's RHA Troop Light 6 pounders
Hussar Brigade Gardiner's RHA Troop Light 6 pounders
Cavalry Division Ramsey's RHA Troop Light 6 pounders
Reserve Smith's Brigade 9 pounders
Reserve Parker's Brigade 9 pounders
Hill's Corps Cunhas' Portuguese Brigade Heavy 6 pounders
Hill's Corps Michell's Portuguese Brigade 9 pounders
Portuguese Reserve Arriaga's Portuguese Brigade 9 pounders

Note: The 12 British and 3 Portuguese batteries had 6 guns each for a total of 90 guns.

Source: The Dickson Manuscript Vol. 5 Cambridge : Ken Trotman; 1991. Pp 860; 919-920

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