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Research: Abstract of the Napoleonic Era



Great Britain: Expenditure of Ammunition and Guns during the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo - January 1812

Item On Hand at Start of Siege Expended or Destroyed
Gun: 24 pounder 32 1
Gun: 18 pounder 2 0
Ammunition: 24 pounder rounds Unknown 8,950
Ammunition: 18 pounder rounds Unknown 565
Barrels of Gun Powder (90 pounds) Unknown 834
Entrenching Tools 2,200 Unknown
Sandbags 30,000 Unknown
Fascines 600 Unknown
Gabions 1,100 Unknown




Jones, John T. Journal of Sieges Carried on by the Army under the Duke of Wellington in Spain between the Years 1811 and 1814 Vol. I London : T. Egerton; 1827. Pp. 115 - 145

Placed on the Napoleon Series: September2001


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