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Currency Exchange Rate in 1799

The following are exchanges rates for British currency in various monies of the world. Unlike modern currency exchange rates, these rates were based on the intrinsic value of the metal in the coin, as assayed by the mint in the Tower of London. Some of the coins' value is so small, it is measured in hundredths of pence.

Arabia: Medina, Mecca, Mocha, etc.
Austria: Vienna, Trieste, etc.

Barbary: Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, Una, etc.
Bohemia: Prague, Breslaw, Pressburg, etc.
British West Indies: Jamaica, Barbadoes, etc.
China: Peking, Canton, etc.
Cologne: Cologne, Mainz, Triers, Liege, Munich, Munster, Paderborn
Denmark and Zealand: Copenhagen, Sound, etc.
Dutch East Indies: Sumatra, Java, etc.
Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria, Sayde, etc.
England and Scotland
Flanders and Brabant: Ghent, Ostend, Antwerp, Brussels, etc.
France: Corsica

France: Dunkirk, St. Omers, St. Quintin, etc.
France: Lisle, Cambray, Valenciennes, etc.
France: Paris, Lyons, Marseilles, Bordeaux, Bayonne, etc.
Franconia: Frankfurt, Nuremburg, Dettingen, etc.
French West Indies: Santo Domingo, Martinique, etc.
Hamburg: Altena, Lubeck, Bremen, Hamburg, etc.
Hanover: Hanover, Lunenburg, Zell, etc.
Holland and Zealand: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Middleburg, Flushing
Holstein: Keil, etc.
India: Bombay, Dubul, etc.
India: Callicut, Calcutta, etc.
India: Cormomandel, Madras, Pondicherry, etc.
India: Goa, Visapour, etc.
India: Gzurat, Surat, Cambay, etc.
Italy: Bologna & Ravenna
Italy: Leghorn & Florence
Italy: Milan, Modena, Parma, Pavia, etc.
Italy: Novi, San Remo, etc.
Japan: Jeddo, Meaco, etc.
Livonia: Riga, Revel, Narma, etc.
Morocco: Santa Cruz, Mequinez, Fez, Tangier, Sallie, etc.
Naples: Naples, Gaieta, Capua, etc.
Norway: Bergen, Trondheim, etc.

Ottoman Empire: Morea, Candia, Cyprus, etc.
Ottoman Empire: Medina, Mecca, Mocha, etc.
Persia: Isaphan, Ormus, Gombroon, etc.
Piedmont, Savoy, & Sardinia: Turin, Chamberry, Cagliari, etc.
Poland: Cracow, Warsaw, etc.
Portugal: Lisbon, Oporto, etc.
Prussia (Brandenburg and Pommerania): Berlin, Potsdam, Stetin, etc.
Prussia: Danzig, Koningsberg, etc.
Rome: Civita, Veccia, Ancona, etc.
Russia and Muscovy: Petersburg, Archangel, Moscow, etc.
Saxony: Dresden, Leipzig, Weimar, etc.
Siam: Pegu, Cambodia, Borneo, etc.
Sicily: Palermo, Messina, etc.
Spain: Barcelona, Saragossa, Valencia, Old Plate, etc.
Spain: Gibraltar, Malaga, Denia, Velon, etc.
Spain: Madrid, Cadiz, Seville, New Plate, etc.
Swabia: Augsburg, Blenheim, etc.
Sweden and Lapland: Stockholm, Upsal, Thorn, etc.
Switzerland: Basil, Zurich, Zug, etc.
Switzerland: Geneva, Pekay, Bonne, etc.
Switzerland: Lucerne, Neufchatel, etc.
Switzerland: St. Gall, Appensal, etc.

Venice: Venice, Bergham, etc.



Guthrie, William. A New Geographical, Historical, and Commercial Grammar and Present State of the several Kingdoms of the World. Montrose, 1799. P. 1035

Placed on the Napoleon Series: July 2004