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Weights and Measurements:

Converting Swedish Weights and Measurements to British Weights and Measurements

The Swedish pound weighs 6556 troy grains and is divided into 12 ounces.

A kanne of pure water weighs 42250 Swedish grains and equals 100 Swedish cubic inches.

Swedish Measurement
British Equivalent
100 Cubic Inches of Pure Water
48088.719444 Troy Grains
Longitudinal Inch
1.238435 Longitudinal Inches

To convert Swedish Longitudinal Inches to British Longitudinal Inches, multiply by 1.2384 or divide by .80747

To convert Swedish cubic inches to British cubic inches multiply by 19 or divide by .5265

To convert the Swedish pound to the English troy pound multiply by 1.1381 or divide by .8786

To convert the Swedish kanne to English wine pints multiply by .1520207 or divide by 6.57804


Tousard, Louis de. American Artillerist's Companion or Elements of Artillery Vol. 1 New York: Greenwood Press; 1969. Page 128

Placed on the Napoleon Series: August 2003


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