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The Napoleon Series > Resources > Statistical Abstract Of The Napoleonic Wars

Weights and Measurements:

The French Old System of Weights: Poids de Marc

The Metric System was not introduced into France until 1795. The old system was known as Poids de Marc or Poids de Paris. In September 1801, the Metric System was legalized and all other systems were forbidden. Even after the introduction of the Metric System, the Poids de Marc was still used. On 12 February 1812, Napoleon decreed that the old system would be used again.

Equivalent Weight
24 Grains
1 Denier
3 Denier
1 Gros
8 Gros
1 Ounce
8 Ounces
1 Marc
2 Marcs
1 Pound

The Little Bombardier and Pocket Gunner London: T Egerton; 1801. Page 141

Placed on the Napoleon Series: August 2003


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